Ricky Morton On Facing Ric Flair, How WWE Treated Him, Learning And Being Successful In Wrestling

Ricky Morton spoke to the Augusta Free Press about a number of pro wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Facing Ric Flair:

"Ric, being Ric, we did 17 straight hour matches. It was called Broadway in our day. You notice when I was on the Hall of Fame show, I said, 'Me and Ric went down Broadway many a nights.' I don't know if you remember that. That's where I got my PhD. The boys knew what I meant. I walked down Broadway. That's an hour time limit."

His treatment by WWE when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame:

"They flew me and my family down first class. Pick you up at the airport. When you get to the hotel, the room was bigger than my house. Serious, dude. It's on the top floor of the Marriott. And my kids are the same way. And the food. I told them, my God, I'd live 500 pounds if I lived around here. Everywhere you went, somebody was cooking, and I'm not talking ham and cheese. I'm talking crab legs, I'm talking steaks this thick. Gosh, man, it was unbelievable."

Learning and being successful in pro wrestling:

"I've been wrestling for 44 years, and I still learn everyday. You've got to have that mind. When you've got a kid that you can't teach, thinks he knows everything, that's the kind I like. Because I can show him so much that he don't know, I can really spin his head around quick. Learn our business, you can't learn it all. If you keep an open mind and learn and learn, you can get better. Our business isn't about being a great wrestler. It's about being at the right place at the right time. And when you're at the right place at the right time, if you're able to do what they want you to do that, if you can fill those shoes and do what they want you to do, you've got to be prepared to do it."

Ricky Morton also discussed more about his tag matches and being a team that wasn't supposed to get over. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Augusta Free Press


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