ROH TV Recap: Bully Ray & The Briscoes Vs. The Rebellion, Fish Vs. Young, Jay Lethal Attacked

Episode #295
Taped In Baltimore, Maryland At The William J. Myers Pavilion

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana kick things off at ringside. They talk about The War Of The Worlds PPV and what a great show it was. Even though, this particular show was taped over a month ago.... It was definitely an eventful pay per view and a lot of news has come out since last Friday's show. The biggest stories being Daniels retaining the title and Marty Scurll joining the Bullet Club.... The Young Bucks utilized social media and their youtube channel to help build up the angle leading into War Of The Worlds. You can seen the entire saga summed up in the video below.

'Search and Destroy' (Chris Sabin & Jonathan Gresham) w/Alex Shelley vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara w/Joey Daddiego

Alex Shelley gets on the mic prior to the match. He announces that he has a concussion and blames The Rebellion for it. Shelley says that the Motor City Machine Guns won't be in action for awhile but that Jonathan Gresham is a great replacement for him. Shelley puts over Gresham's 10 year career and how he has wrestled all over the world...... Gresham starts off the match, tying Ferrara up in knots on the mat. Sabin is tagged in and the crowd chants for Cheeseburger to come in next. Will Ferrara refuses to tag in his partner and says that he will handle Sabin himself. Cheeseburger tags himself in anyway. This leads to a comedy sequence between Sabin and Burger. Where Sabin does power spots on Burger and brags about his strength and Cheeseburger responds by teasing his "Shotei" strike, only to have Sabin cower away from him in fear. All 4 men get involved in the action and take turns hitting tandem moves.

In a clever spot, Gresham avoids a double team by Burger and Ferrara and uses them as weapons against one another. At one point, Ferrara actually DDT's Cheeseburger by mistake. Search and Destroy then hit several tandem moves on Ferrara before he eventually escapes and hot tags in Burger. He and Ferrara then execute several tandem moves as well. They hit stereo springboard knees and get a near pinfall out of it. Cabana and Riccaboni on commentary use up every fast food joke, they can think of to describe all of Cheeseburger's moves during this sequence. Frantic finish involving all four men ends with Cheeseburger accidentally knocking down his partner with his Shotei Strike. Gresham capitalizes on this by applying his octopus submission on Burger and he is forced to submit.

Search and Destroy defeat Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

After the match, A frustrated Will Ferrara refuses to adhere to the Code of Honor and walks off on Cheeseburger.

We go backstage and Jay Lethal is in the locker room speaking with a producer. He is going over a script that he is supposed to read for a new promotional spot. When Silas Young walks into the picture. He starts trash talking Lethal. He takes issue with the fact that Lethal is ROH's golden boy and gets all the sponsor gigs. Silas tells Lethal that he is also angry with him because Jay injured his leg in a recent match. Before Lethal can even defend himself, Silas cheap shots him with a stiff forearm and then Silas rams Lethal's head repeatedly into one of the lockers.

Bobby Fish vs. 'The Last Real Man' Silas Young w/The Beer City Bruiser

Highlights are shown prior to this match of Fish and Young's match at Supercard of Honor in April. Before the match starts, Silas grabs a microphone and he calls Bobby a dimestore chump who always makes excuses. Fish responds to Silas by telling him to come into the ring and get his change..... Evenly contested match here early on. Every time, Silas executes a move, he trash talks and applauds himself. Fish does his usual routine of targeting a body part and going to work on it. In this case, Silas has a large knee brace on and it comes into play during this match. When Bobby Fish clamps on his knee bar submission, Silas manages to get to the ropes and he pulls Fish to the outside floor. They both brawl on the outside, heading into the break... When the show returns, The Bruiser gets involved and helps Silas get the advantage. Silas hits a flurry of offensive moves ending with a nice looking springboard clothesline.

Both Silas and Bobby brawl on the outside and then head inside, and go through several exchanges where they trade heavy strikes. This leads into a double clothesline with both men knocked down. Silas tries to hit his Misery finisher but Fish keeps countering out of it. Bobby targets Young's leg again and clamps on an ankle lock. Silas gets out of it and moments later, he connects with a twisting slingshot neck breaker on Fish for a near fall. Fish battles back from this and takes control, going after Young's leg again. Beer City Bruiser gets involved. This time, he drags Silas to the outside. Both the referee and Fish try and go after The Bruiser, to get him to stop interfering. Ultimately, The Bruiser's involvement leads to the finish. When the referee is distracted by him, Silas takes off his knee brace and knocks out Bobby Fish with it. Silas covers and pins him for the victory.

Silas Young defeats Bobby Fish by pinfall

Dalton Castle is backstage with his boys. Castle says that people think that he has hit rock bottom, after failing to win The ROH World Title, but he has recovered from worse things. Like the time when he went on a horrible blind date in Dubai....... Dalton says that even though losing to Daniels hurt him a lot. That it only means that he lost once and that he will keep on fighting for the title.

Six-Man Tag Team Championship Match
Bully Ray & The Briscoes (c) vs. The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Rhett Titus & Shane Taylor)

A typical Bully Ray-Briscoes themed match with Shane Taylor being showcased quite a bit throughout. At the outset, It doesn't take long before all six men start brawling all around the arena. The Briscoes and Bully get the upper hand until they attempt the signature Dudley "Whazzz Up" spot. When Mark Briscoe attempts to leap off and execute the vintage move. He gets pushed off the top rope by Rhett Titus. The Rebellion takes control of the match when Shane Taylor knocks down Bully and The Briscoes. The Rebellion then isolate Jay Briscoe in their corner for the next few minutes. Taylor over powers him and beats him down in the corner. The Rebellion does the usual schtick of jaw jacking and show boating for the next couple of minutes. In true Rebellion fashion, It ends up backfiring on them and enabling Jay Briscoe to rally and tag out. Bully Ray comes into the ring and takes on The Rebellion by himself. He cleans house and tags in Mark Briscoe. He goes on an offensive flurry and does his redneck kung fu moves on The Rebellion. The Briscoes then team up and head to the air, leaping onto The Rebellion at ringside. Mark then attempts a Froggie Bow elbow drop on Rhett Titus but he picks up his knees at the last second. Titus then hits a pretty standing drop kick. Titus tries a frog splash but he misses. This leads to the finish where Bully and The Briscoes hit the 3D on Titus to secure the victory.

Bully Ray & The Briscoes defeat The Rebellion to retain The ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles

After the match, Out come the tables or in this case, one table. The Briscoes set it up in ring. Caprice Coleman is then power bombed from the top rope by Bully through the table to end the show.

Next week's show is a special episode that will air highlights from ROH's Honor Rising shows in Japan with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The two day event took place in Tokyo back in late February. You can see the preview video for that show below.


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