Shinsuke Nakamura Getting WWE Title Shot, TV CEO Says WWE Needs "More Sami Zayns", Ric Flair (Video)

- Above is another video of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair at the Indianapolis 500 this past weekend. WTHR spoke to Flair, who praised the drivers and said that he wished that they all finish the weekend safely.

- WWE is advertising WWE Champion Jinder Mahal defending his title against Shinsuke Nakamura for SmackDown live events in early July. It should be noted that Randy Orton is not advertised for those shows, so it could be Nakamura filling in for Orton and not the creative direction for the title this summer.

- OSN CEO Martin Stewart spoke to CPI Financial about the new WWE Arabic show, WWE Wal3ooha, which premiered earlier this month on OSN Sports Action 1 HD. During the interview, Stewart talked about the relationship with WWE and wanting the company to create more Arab wrestlers.

"The first step that I think that we've taken together is to have the tryouts in Dubai," Stewart said. "We were very vocal with WWE to bring them here to do the tryouts because we need to see more Arab superstars ? more Sami Zayns. That's important to us. The tryouts have gone very well and we will be following the progress of all the people that get selected as they go through the development programme and hopefully live on OSN on NXT, Raw, Smackdown or even Wrestlemania. We'll follow their story, and that will hopefully be the first of many initiatives to make sure we have as much of a WWE presence in the middle east as possible."