Sound Off Reactions On If Randy Orton Or Jinder Mahal Will Win At WWE Backlash

Yesterday we asked, who you guys thought will win at Backlash between WWE Champion, Randy Orton, and Jinder Mahal.

With about a 2-to-1 vote, you guys went with Orton, although, it felt like picking the lesser of two evils for many of you. Some thought Jinder simply wasn't ready to be WWE Champion, despite the company's push into India. Also, with Rusev on the horizon, it seemed unlikely WWE would match him up against Mahal. Those who voted for Mahal just wanted a change in the main event scene or found Orton to be a bore, so why not Jinder?

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Super Liger:
"The Maharaja outta nowhere..."

Brocktoon Lesnar:
"Jinder Mahal as WWE champ in SmackDown....then a subsequent feud with Rusev. Honestly, its very possible that the US title and the WWE title booking got switched by accident. Maybe as a practical joke to see if Vince would notice. I love that they're building Mahal up, but involving the main title is just wrong and completely backwards. Mahal and AJ should be switched. Especially with how Mahal said he was the new American Dream. That could get some traction, especially with the U.S. title."

Ed Rude:
"Hope Jinder wins. And I hope he cheats to do it...more fun that way."

"Orton will win. That being said, Jinder should first be tried as US Champion. Let him develop more as a character with Singh Brothers. #TheMaharaja #MahalThatBuiltTajMahal"


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