Sunny On Paige Leak, Her Adult Movie And If She Received Heat From WWE, Sable, HOF Ring Rumors, More

On a recent episode of the Wrestlingus Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny talked about Paige's leaked videos, her quick exit from the WrestleMania 25 women's battle royal, her foray into adult entertainment, and her issues with Sable, also known as Rena Mero.

On the subject of Paige's leaked videos, Sunny admitted she feels sorry for the inaugural NXT Women's Champion, but desecrating the title was "a little bit tacky" and Paige should have known better than to film herself in such compromising positions anyway.

"I did see those [videos] because people, of course, sent me links." Sunny continued, "I saw them and it's like do I feel bad for her? Yeah, I mean, but no in a way because she took it upon herself to take those pictures. Anybody who takes pictures like this or video of that, you've got to… you're assuming the risk that it's going to get out. I mean, normal people's pictures get out, so if you're a celebrity, you've got to expect this sooner or later."

With respect to the 25-Divas battle royal at WrestleMania 25, Sunny said she got out as quickly as possible because there were a lot of sloppy performers she wanted to avoid. Sunny claimed that Maryse nearly broke her nose.  

"It was booked really poorly, as [are] a lot of things there. But I was all excited to do it, but I wasn't thrilled to be in a match girls that I knew really didn't know what they were doing."

Sunny recalled, "I was supposed to stay in till the ninth elimination, and I said, 'there's no way I'm staying in here this long with all these girls. No, I mean, back then, I watched some of them work and I'm like, 'oh my God! They're so clumsy somebody's going to break my nose.' So I was like, 'the sooner, the better,' so I was supposed to be eliminated ninth, and after we went over everything, I got with Victoria. I said, 'can I start with you because I know you're safe?' I had to do a little something with Maryse and she almost broke my nose. She was just supposed to sell for me and instead, I see a foot coming at my face, so I was like, 'what the hell are you even doing?' She was just supposed to sell. A little something with Maryse, the Bellas, and then Beth Phoenix was supposed to toss me. So basically, I shortened it as quickly as I could and it was about the fourth or the fifth elimination. I went over to Beth. I said, 'get me out of here. Please, just get me out of here.' She goes, 'already?' and I went, 'yes,' so we went into our quick little sequence, so she could eliminate me. But at least I was happy to work with Beth and Victoria, two people I trusted and avoided getting a foot to the face by people like Maryse."

When asked she has received any heat from WWE over her pornographic video, Sunny indicated that she has not and that is on good terms with the company.  

"The company did not say one thing negative to me. I mean, I still talk to people in the company to this day about various things that I won't discuss on here, but not once has anybody given my s--t, from the company. They're not going to tell somebody, 'you can't do this and make a living to pay your bills'. I mean, nobody would do that."

According to Sunny, her adult video was a "one-time deal" and the first Diva has no plans for doing more porn in the future.

"Before we even film that one, they were starting to throw ideas at me for another one. I'm like, 'no, this is just a one-time thing for me. It's not becoming my regular job.' Do you know what I mean. To me, all it was was just a job, a payday. It's not something I aspire to do. It's not something I want to do full-time. It's probably not something I ever want to do again. But it was a payday, just like everything else in the [pro] wrestling business, it was a payday. That's all it was."

Although Sunny does not intend on returning to porn, she acknowledged that she sometimes regrets not posing for Playboy in her prime, though she said it was not the right time for her when it was offered.  

"Now, yeah. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. See, when it was offered to me, I was 23. I was very shy at the time. You wouldn't know it from, like, bikini photos and lingerie layouts and stuff like that." Sunny reflected, "as far as the Playboy thing, yeah, I was too young. I was too, believe it or not, I was too shy. I was a little bit too timid to do that. And it just wasn't something that I was ready to do. When Vince told me about it, he brought me in for a meeting about it, into the office and it took me a whole five minutes to say 'no, I can't do this.' Like, I didn't even go home and think about it."

Sunny said that she did not sell her WWE Hall Of Fame ring and it was just a publicity stunt she pulled through TMZ to promote her video.

"Everything in this business and revolving around this business is a work. The whole ring thing, it was a publicity stunt thought of by me and Steven Hirsch from Vivid [Entertainment Group] just to get publicity for selling the movie. That was it. That was all it was. It was a publicity stunt we got TMZ to do because that's the best way get anything out there to the media and that's all it was. My ring is locked up in a safe in the next room right now." Sunny added, "I don't need to sell my ring to pay anything. That's not how it works."

As for Sunny's issues with Sable, the former Bodydonna professed that she had nothing to do with the lawsuit between Sable and WWE and that she did not volunteer to assist WWE.

"Not that I recall. I didn't have anything to do with that lawsuit." Sunny said, "that lawsuit happened way after I left the [pro wrestling] business and I didn't associate myself with her at all when I was there or after, so, no, I had nothing to do with the lawsuit she was having with them. Nothing at all."

In Sunny's view, everybody had problems with Sable and she and Marlena, also known as Terri Runnels, did not like her from the get-go. As the story goes, on Sable's first day with WWE, Sunny and Terri Runnels returned to their locker room to find their belongings moved to the floor and Sable's stuff in its place.

"Everybody had problems with her. I wasn't the only one." Sunny said, "she was just ignorant. She wasn't friendly. She came in [and] she acted like she owned the place. Who comes in, who goes into the locker room and moves somebody else's stuff off the table and puts yours out when it's your very first time there? You don't do that. So she rubbed us the wrong way to begin with and from that day on neither of us liked her at all. We just kind of had to deal with her the best that we could."

Also, Sunny recalled Sable saying that she was glad her first husband died because she never would have met her then-husband, Marc Mero, if he had not passed away.

"She goes, 'oh, he died when [Rena's daughter, Mariah] was just a baby and I go, 'oh my God, I'm so sorry to hear that - that's terrible' because that was her husband too, her husband and baby's father. And this is what she said and Terri and I could not believe our ears. She goes, 'no, that was the best thing that could've happened.' She said, first of all, he died in a car accident and she said 'it was the best thing that ever happened to me. If he never would have died, I never would have met Marc.' Terri and I looked at each other like, 'she did not just say that.' She said, 'it's the best thing that ever happened to me because if he never would have died, I never would have met Marc.' This is her husband and the father of her child and she was happy he died, so she had the chance to meet Marc Mero." Sunny added, "we looked at each other like, 'oh my God!' God help this woman because she is just evil to the core. She is just not a nice person."

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