Tommaso Ciampa Turns On Johnny Gargano (Video), CM Punk Chants - WWE NXT Takeover Note, Jim Ross

- DIY is no more after Tommaso Ciampa turned on Johnny Gargano following their main event loss to WWE NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain in the Ladder Match at "Takeover: Chicago" tonight. You can see part of the turn in the video above. The show went off the air after Ciampa put Gargano through a production area from the announcers table up on the stage.

- Correspondents at tonight's NXT "Takeover: Chicago" noted that there were several times where a larger group of fans would boo a smaller group of fans trying to get CM Punk chants started. Reader Felix Roma wrote, "The Punk chants got shut down fairly quickly every time, it was great."

- As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness called tonight's WWE UK Title match at Takeover, which saw Pete Dunne defeat inaugural champion Tyler Bate to win the strap. JR tweeted the following thanks to Dunne, Bate and Nigel after the match:


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