Triple H On Which NXT Star He Thinks Will Be "A Player," The Progress Of The Authors Of Pain

ESPN recently interviewed Triple H and William Regal, who discussed the young talent at NXT. Below are some highlights:

Triple H on The Authors of Pain:

"There's a few guys in our performance center right now that are just sort of guys you've never heard of that have never been anywhere. Not even in the indies. The two kids in [the Authors of Pain] tag team in NXT. Those are two kids we picked them from nothing. No experience. Period. Anything. A year later, they are a really, really good tag team. There's a lot of talent like that."

William Regal on recruiting Aleister Black:

"You see the ones with the real passion and desire. So I've just kept a tab on him for years, the he started to really come into his own the last few years. His name was getting out there, and he was coming to America quite a bit and doing independent shows. We hooked up and I just said, 'Whenever you're ready, give me a call,' that kind of thing. The next thing, he's giving me a call. He was at a tryout, Triple H has seen him and ... yeah, he's definitely got something that we're looking for."

Triple H on Aleister Black's development:

"Aleister Black is very talented. I think he's going to be a player."

Regal also discussed what they look for in a recruit, Triple H discussed Otis Dozovic's development and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: ESPN


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