WWE Star Disses Fan For Using Phone At Ringside, Natalya Talks Packing, Nikki Bella Video, WWE Stock

- Above is the latest episode of BellaGlam with Nikki Bella and Eileen.

- WWE stock was down 0.05% today, closing at $19.75 per share. Today's high was $19.94 and the low was $19.68.

- Natalya's latest column for OK Magazine is now online at this link. She talks about what she packs when going on the road and reveals the one thing she never leaves home without - her black Louis Vuitton scarf. She wrote, "Lastly, I never leave home without my scarf! I have a favorite oversized black scarf from Louis Vuitton and it acts like an umbrella, blanket, pillow, shawl, jacket and anything else I might need it to be! It looks pretty but it's also something I can throw on and feel kind of at home in no matter how far away from home I am! #ScarfLife"

- Tony Nese tweeted a photo from last night's WWE 205 Live Street Fight with Brian Kendrick taking Akira Tozawa and took a shot at a ringside fan who was using his phone during the match. You can see Nese's tweet below:


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