WWE Star Remembers Chris Cornell Moment, Honky Tonk Man Recalls SummerSlam 1988 (Video), WWE Stock

- Kayfabe Commentaries released their "Supercard: SummerSlam 1988 with The Honky Tonk Man" DVD this week. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion talks about losing his title that night to The Ultimate Warrior in just 27 seconds, politics behind the finish and more. Above is the trailer.

- WWE stock was up 1.77% today, closing at $19.52 per share. Today's high was $19.70 and the low was $19.12.

- Several WWE Superstars took to Twitter today and commented on the death of musician Chris Cornell, who committed suicide at the age of 52 overnight. WWE's "Road Dogg" Brian James tweeted the following on singing the song Blackhole Sun while Cornell and his band Soundgarden were sitting ringside for a WWE show in Tacoma, Washington years ago:


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