WWE Talking Smack Backlash Recap: Sami Zayn Talks Big Win, Dillinger On MITB, Kevin Owens Takes Over

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WWE Talking Smack Backlash 2017

Renee Young welcomes us while freaking out about Jinder Mahal upsetting Randy Orton for the WWE Title. Peter Rosenberg joins her and says it looked like a million Undertaker kids with all the shock and awe in the crowd's face, and Renee has goosebumps. She talks about how exciting it is to watch something live like that and asks if Peter was surprised with the result. He said just a few years ago we were talking about Jinder Mahal in the 3MB, but now he's WWE Champion. Renee wants to know where Orton goes from here and Rosenberg said it's going to be tough following this loss. He says another guy who had a big night was Sami Zayn, who joins us at the table.

Sami Zayn says it just goes to show how quickly things turn around, and applying that to himself, the land of opportunities has given him the chance to reverse his fortune and bounce back from a rough few weeks. But with this win over Baron Corbin, who's to say in 6 weeks he won't be the WWE Champion. Renee asks if Zayn finds it difficult to stay positive and excited following losses and if he's on the right track. He says that for some reason, his underdog persona has made him look like he shouldn't have a chance of winning big matches, and not many other wrestlers have to deal with that. On any given night, he could pin Randy or AJ Styles.

Peter Rosenberg calls Sami's win one of his biggest in the WWE, and Zayn says that it's definitely his biggest moment win on SmackDown as well as a step in the right direction for this portion of his career. Renee asks what's so different about SmackDown from Raw and he says it's just different and he's trying to find his footing.

Renee wants to know what Zayn was thinking when he heard Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon saying they wanted Sami on SmackDown, and Zayn said he heard it all and even asked Foley to send him to SmackDown, wondering why he had to qualify for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal with his job at stake. Rosenberg says it sounds like Zayn still has a chip on his shoulder, and he says of course. He know the fans believe in him but he thinks a lot of them didn't expect him to win. Renee tells Sami she had his back, and Rosenberg asks how his back is holding up. Zayn says it's not great. They want to know where Sami goes from here, and he says he can't wait until Tuesday. But looking a little further, Money in the Bank is a month away, and he could be the one to surprise everyone like Jinder Mahal did tonight. The hosts congratulate him on his win before Zayn makes his way off the set.

Our next guest is Tye Dillinger, and when the hosts ask how he's feeling, he says that he feels like a Perfect 10. Renee asks how it feels to get the reaction he does from the crowd, and he says you never get used to it but welcome with open arms. Rosenberg tells him that Mark Henry once told Peter that Tye is the most special guy in NXT, and here we are with Dillinger as a superstar, mentioning how he was even cut from the roster.

Tye says that he got his first opportunity in 2006, and didn't hit his mark enough to stay. It took him 4+ years to get back, and if you knock enough times, somebody will eventually answer. Renee asks what drove him to keeps knocking at those doors, and he said he had a gut feeling telling him to stay the course and hang on. Rosenberg tells him it should be extra inspiring tonight seeing Jinder Mahal win the WWE Title. Dillinger says that was the first things that went through his mind when Jinder beat Randy. Jinder went through a very similar path as him and it's incredible that he's standing on top. Renee wonders how that will trickle down through the locker room and Tye isn't sure considering how driven Jinder has become. Rosenberg says just seeing Jinder inspires him to hit the gym and Tye says that's why he's wearing a shirt. But if Jinder says something, he's going to do it,

Young asks Tye what's next for him, and he says you're in this business for one reason only, and that's to be the champion. While he's exceeded his own expectations, he believes that the honeymoon phase is over here on SmackDown. There's a big opportunity coming up at Money in the Bank, and what would happen if a Perfect 10 grabbed the briefcase and won the match? Jinder Mahal would have no choice but to pay attention, and Renee wishes him the best before he leaves the interview.

Renee wants to know what the status of the Singh Brothers is and their relation to Jinder Mahal. Rosenberg says they're probably in traction after Randy drove them into the announce tables, but they played a huge role in helping Mahal become the WWE Champion. They sacrificed themselves to help Jinder, and he wants to know what kind of gift they get. At least a Rolex, maybe a car, because they changed his career forever tonight.

Speaking of big nights, Renee brings up Shinsuke Nakamura's match with Dolph Ziggler. Rosenberg said he was on the floor for the entrance and it was awesome. Renee talks about how decorated Ziggler is and wants to know how badly he needed that victory, or if their was more pressure on Shinsuke. Peter says it definitely would have been terrible for Shinsuke to lose his highly anticipated debut, but all of these losses have to add to the chip on Dolph's shoulder.

As the hosts are talking, Kevin Owens interrupts them at the table. He says he was just told a few minutes ago not to say anything until Renee introduces him, but he wanted to interrupt. Rosenberg goes to talk and Owens asks, "Who are you?"

Renee asks how KO is feeling after his grueling match with AJ Styles, and he says he's hurting bad but he still has the WWE United States "of America" Championship. He starts narrating his footage of the match with AJ as Renee asks what the most physically worst part of the match was for him. He says getting suplexed off the edge of the apron nearly broke his back. Rosenberg says how painful it looked and KO tells him he's talking. He says he's the better man and Renee starts asking a question, but Kevin cuts her off and wonders what's with all of the interruptions as she apologizes. He says there's no question who the better man is between himself and AJ Styles.

Young wants to know if Kevin wanted AJ to get back in the ring from the announce table so that he could win fair and square. Owens said he did win fair and square, and as Rosenberg tries to comment, KO tells him he doesn't know him and it's the silence rule for him. It's not his fault AJ is physically inferior, and the table wouldn't have stopped him. Rosenberg keeps trying to ask a question and KO is not having it. He tries to speak to Kevin through Renee, and Owens is even more upset at him. The fact that he thinks he can speak to the New Face of America is very insulting, and Renee can ask the questions.

She wants to know Kevin's reaction to Jinder Mahal winning the title, and Kevin says being the US Champion of America is important, but it's not enough. He wants to be the face of the WWE, which means winning the WWE Championship. If he runs into Jinder, he'll congratulate him. But as soon as he has the opportunity, he's taking the title. Renee asks if he's surprised at Jinder's win, and Owen's sighs and asks if she listens to him. He told Phillips and Saxton already that he chose Jinder to win the match, and if she did her job she would have known that.

Owens gives Rosenberg a chance to ask a question, and he says that he believes AJ is the best superstar in the world, and with a countout win he doesn't believe...

Kevin rips off his headset and walks away. While Renee tries to start talking Kevin comes back and holds the title in Rosenberg's face. He says he wasn't trying to be disrespectful, and Kevin walks away again. Rosenberg tries to say something to Renee and Owens comes back once again to write "KO is the best in WWE" on a sheet of paper, making Rosenberg read it. KO leaves and Renee starts to talk about his history on these shows, and again Owens comes back and says not only is he the best WWE Superstar, the best man, and the greatest US Champion that the WWE has ever seen, but he's better at this Talking Smack thing than both of them, Rosenberg because he's new, and Renee because she asks questions she should know the answer to.

Owens says he is closing the show, and tells the camera that Talking Smack is now known as the Kevin Owens Show. He is your WWE United States of America Champion, the New Face of America, and leans in to Rosenberg as he says that he is the absolute best that this company has ever seen as we go off the air.


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