Zack Ryder On 10 Years With WWE, Alexa Bliss Gets Custom Title Plates (Video), Fans On Seth Rollins

- WWE posted this video of custom title plates for Alexa Bliss being added to the RAW Women's Title. Bliss will celebrate her Payback win over Bayley at tonight's RAW.

- WWE has a new poll asking fans about their favorite Seth Rollins move - Pedigree, turnbuckle powerbomb, diving high knee off the top rope, Phoenix Splash or the flying knee to the face. As of this writing, 33% went with the Splash while 26% voted for the flying knee, 20% for the Pedigree, 13% for the buckle bomb and 8% for the diving high knee.

- Zack Ryder tweeted the following today on his 10th anniversary with WWE. Ryder has been out of action with a knee injury since December but recently got back into the ring to begin training for his return.


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