205 Live Results (6/27): Neville And Tozawa Face Off, Cedric Alexander Vs. Ariya Daivari

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- We kick off the show with a video recap of Titus O'Neil talking with Akira Tozawa and Neville telling him to "Tread carefully."

- Vic Joseph and Corey Graves welcome us to the show as they talk about Neville making an appearance later on. Also, Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari in action, as well as, Jack Gallagher vs. The Brian Kendrick.

- In the back, Dasha Fuentes asks how Jack will come back as he faces The Brian Kendrick tonight. Jack says his mind should be clearer tonight and to Brian, "Come and have a go, chap!"

Jack Gallagher vs. The Brian Kendrick

Jack comes out first, while waiting in the ring, out comes Kendrick to Gallagher's music and dressed kind of like Jack. Kendrick calls him a "One trick pony and a joke." He continues on that Jack is an embarrassment, and yet, he doesn't even realize this. Kendrick is wrestling in a full suit as we get things off and running. Kendrick gets control right off the bat, yelling "You're a joke, Jack!" Jack goes for his handstand in the corner and Kendrick just stares at him until he comes down, not falling for the move. Kendrick with a big boot to the face and mockery of Jack's taunts. He launches Kendrick into the turnbuckle, forearm to the face, another irish whip into the corner. Kendrick is in total control of this one, but decides to whack Gallagher with an umbrella for the DQ, he continues hitting Jack over and over before heading to the back.

Winner: Jack Gallagher via DQ

- Backstage, Dasha speaks with Drew Gulak, we take a look at last week's match between Mustafa Ali and Gulak. Gulak called the loss a fluke and yells into a microphone. Ali suddenly shows up and wonders why Gulak hates exciting, high-flying moves? Ali says maybe it's because high-flying is something "Drew, just can't do."

Mustafa Ali vs. Drew Gulak

Back and forth take downs from both Superstars before Gulak lays out Ali with a punch. "Where's your high-flying now, huh?" from Gulak. Ali lights Gulak up with some chops, but gets caught in mid-air off the second rope. Gulak dumps Ali into the ropes, goes a pin, two-count. Gulak continues to keep Ali down, another pin for a two-count. Gulak with a nice suplex into the middle turnbuckle, yet another pin attempt, but Ali kicks out at two. Gulak dragging Ali's face along the top rope, Ali with a big DDT to finally get some momentum in this one. Crowd wakes up with a "Mustafa" chant. Multiple running chops by Ali, hurricanrana, Ali is fired up, plants Gulak with a rolling neckbreaker. Both men on the top rope, Gulak pushes Ali down to the mat, Gulak goes to climb down, but stops. He's pretty nervous, but is trying to get up to the top rope, he does so and goes for a big splash, missing completely! Ali rolls Gulak up for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Mustafa Ali via Pinfall

- Backstage, Noam Dar apologizes to Ariya Daivari about mistakenly throwing his $15,000 luggage away last week. Ariya says the money is "Peasant money," which Dar is happy about so he doesn't have to pay Ariya back, because he has no money. He says Alicia Fox is constantly face-timing him, bill is through the roof! Ariya says he doesn't want Dar's money, but Dar still owes him, and throws his phone at the wall.

Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari

Alexander using his speed and agility to keep one step ahead of Daivari, springboard clothesline, pin, two-count. Alexander has had firm control of the match thus far, until a big boot from Daivari stuns him. Alexander charges and gets flipped into the corner. Daivari with a dropkick from the apron down to the floor, gets Alexander back in the ring, goes for a pin, two-count. Cedric goes for a handstand into the ropes, but Daivari catches him with a sleeper, Alexander trying to get to the ropes and finally gets his foot to the bottom rope. Chops from both Superstars, back elbow by Cedric, handstand spinning kick lands this time. Noam Dar rushes the ring, Cedric see him though, Dar jumps on the apron, and Cedric knocks him off. Daivari catches the distracted Alexander with a hammerlock lariat to get the win.

Winner: Ariya Daivari by Pinfall

- Post-match, Dar lands numerous grounded punches on Alexander, taunts the crowd, and goes back for more. Boos coming from the crowd at Dar. He grabs a mic and tells Alicia Fox that he can't Face-Time, but the Cedric Alexander chapter is over and that they can focus on their love. "Yo, Alicia, we did it!" in his best Rocky impression.

- Backstage, we see Neville making his way to the ring.

- In the ring, Neville gets a mic, he says at "Great Balls of Fiiahh" he will defend his title again, but Tozawa has been misguided and mislead. He doesn't think Tozawa has a chance of beating him and gives a warning to his opponent. In two weeks, he tells his opponent to not show, because if he does, he will realize that he doesn't belong and isn't on the "Neville level." Out comes Tozawa, Neville asks him what he wants and Tozawa says "Ah!" to each of his questions. Tozawa works his way to the ring as he responds over and over with "Ah!" Neville charges and gets taken down by Tozawa with lightening strikes. Neville retreats to the back in a foul mood as we close the show.


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