Alberto El Patron On WWE Not Thinking Outside The Box, Who He Wants To Pass The Torch To

Alberto El Patron is someone Impact Wrestling has targeted for years and in March of this year, under new ownership and a new direction, they were finally able to make it happen. The former WWE superstar and current President of MMA promotion Combate Americas, El Patron burst onto the Impact scene and immediately contended for their World Heavyweight Championship. Last month, he beat Magnus to win the GFW Global Championship.

Next month, Patron will work with his legendary father, Dos Caras, at Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary pay-per-view on July 2, 2017.

"We talked about this since last month," El Patron said during an appearance on The Roman Show. "To me it's fantastic to have a company like Impact Wrestling to think in a better way for the fans trying to have a better product something better for the wrestling fans."

Patron, who worked for WWE in two separate stints, believes his former employer doesn't think outside the box and sees the new direction of Impact Wrestling as doing something different.

"We have a problem in wrestling," Patron explained. "There's one company and everyone wants to do what that company does. They don't think outside the box… Impact Wrestling with the new owners, new talent, they are trying to do something different. They want to reach out to the Latino fans."

Impact isn't the only place Patron has been working since departing WWE as he's had appearances across the independent circuit that have included top Mexican promotion AAA and their Lucha Underground series. Earlier this month, El Patron beat Penta el Zero M (a/k/a Pentagón Jr.) in the main event of SWF's "Roll the Dice" show and cut an impassioned promo afterwards about passing the torch to El Zero M.

"He is a great guy. Competitor. Amazing wrestling," Patron stated on The Roman Show.

"He is one of the kids I like in this moment. I don't pay complements to anybody but there is a lot of wrestlers or fighters with a lot of talent but they don't have the brains to take themselves to the next level. This kid is respectful. He is someone that loves the business and respects those guys that came before him. I really meant it that night."

El Patron believes his uncle passed the torch to Eddie Guerrero, who passed it to Rey Mysterio, who passed it to him and now he's doing the same to Pentagón.

"My uncle passed it to Eddie, Eddie to Rey and Rey to me," Patron stated on The Roman Show. "I am doing the same to Pentagón. He has the thing to be the best thing to come out of Mexico."

In addition to Slammiversary on July 2, El Patron will oversee the Combate Americas event on July 27th at Mana Wynwood Convention Center in Miami, FL. You can listen to his complete interview on The Roman show by clicking here or watch in the video embedded above.


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