Former WWE and TNA star Awesome Kong, whose real name is Kia Stevens, recently appeared on Ring Rust Radio where she revealed some unknown aspects of her abbreviated tenure with WWE.

“Beth Phoenix and I never happened,” Kong said. “The fans have seen Gail and I, and I would always love to face Gail again to bookend our story. The fans would really love to see Beth and I dance in the ring and that never happened. I feel like the fans were cheated out of that so I would love to do that for the fans and for myself.”

Kong is seen as an innovator of women’s wrestling as she rose to prominence in Japan and then on the American independent circuit. Her work with Gail Kim in Impact Wrestling from 2007-2009 is still seen as some of the best matches in company history. In late 2010, Kong signed with WWE, who brought her in as Kharma the following year.

While the Kharma character had an impact in the brief time she was with WWE, the full plans never came to fruition. Kong was asked one Ring Rust Radio if she could provide any insight on what the plan for her character would have been.

“I can only speculate, but I would think Kharma had a 99.9 percent chance of a title run and then my hope was to bring in a new girl and make a super face who is going to topple Kharma,” Kong recalled. “That was my goal and that was something Triple H and I talked about bringing in a girl for a program and making her a super face and us all making money. We never talked about who that would’ve been, we didn’t get that far. I left during my honeymoon with the company.”

WWE will take another step forward with women’s wrestling in the upcoming Mae Young Classic women’s tournament, which will take place Thursday, July 13, and Friday, July 14, from Full Sail Live in Orlando, Floria. When Kong was asked if she had been contacted for the special, she commented, “Not that I know, but I’m wishing them the best. Not that I know of, no.”

You can listen to Awesome Kong’s complete interview with Ring Rust Radio in the video embedded above. The full episode of Ring Rust Radio is available by clicking here.

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