Bullet Club Reaches Out To CM Punk, Jim Ross - Josh Barnett Talk G1 Special, Press Conference, More

- Above are highlights from NJPW's Kizuna Road 2017 show from June 26.

- NJPW announced The Bullet Club, Okada, Kenny Omega, Kushida and a number of other official wrestler merchandise will be sold during the G1 Special events. They will also be selling during the Meet and Greets on both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 12pm PT.

- Announcing for the upcoming G1 Special, Jim Ross and Josh Barnett spoke on the unique style NJPW will be bringing to their overseas fans. About the product, Ross said:

"This is the first time this long established, very prestigious, promotion has had an event of this magnitude in North America. This is it. Big television network, live TV. Probably a four-hour show, I'm guessing. You know that the athletes are going to be motivated, the Americans on this card are going to want to impress the promotion. Looking for more money and more bookings, simple deal, let's be honest about it. The Japanese competitors are coming here are representing more than just their company, their represent their country, as well, in this new venture. I gotta believe all of these ingredient are gonna equate to one hell of an in-ring wrestling product and that's going to be our focus. Including no commercials breaks during the matches."

- The Bullet Club (through Nick Jackon's Twitter) got together to send some love (and potentially an invite?) over to CM Punk.

- Earlier today, NJPW held a Press Conference for the G1 Special, which was streamed live on their Facebook page.

Be sure to join us on Saturday and Sunday for Live Coverage of the G1 Special, starting at 8pm ET.


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