Dean Ambrose On Reaction Being Moved To RAW, How He Rates His SmackDown Run, Getting His Theme Song

Recently on Talk Is Jericho, former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose talked about a number of things including whether he had a choice over his entrance music and how he is enjoying being on WWE Monday Night RAW following the so-called 'Superstar Shakeup'.

According to Ambrose, entrance music is "a big deal" and "important". With that said, 'The Lunatic Fringe' divulged that he did not have any choice over The Shield's entrance theme or his current entrance song.

"No, I think I scanned through a few different ones, like, when I was in developmental, and picked one or two, but when we did The Shield, we were just told kind of what we were thinking, and what's his face guy wrote something. Yeah [Jim Johnston], you know who I'm talking about. Yeah, yeah. And then we did the voiceovers for it with the, 'sierra, hotel…' which was pretty cool. Yeah. And then, when I got the music I have now, I was in the ring one day. I was beating somebody up or running somebody off and then they played this music and I had never heard it before and I went, 'do I have new music now? What the hell? I guess I do.' I like it. It [has] got a good, like, four seconds and that's the most important part."

When asked how he likes being on RAW, Ambrose admitted that he is still getting used to being on the red team. Moreover, WWE's resident ironman admitted he was surprised to be sent to RAW.

"It's a little weird. I was very getting used to SmackDown. I did not expect to be switched. I heard there were going to be some people switched and I was like, 'that's not going to be me.' I was in Utah and I was going to be there till Sunday or whatever and I got a call that I had to leave and fly in early to do RAW. I was like, 'I'm going to RAW? No way!' Like, I thought I was this SmackDown guy and no."

Ambrose went on to say that his SmackDown Live run was one of the best runs of his already decorated professional wrestling career.

"I was pretty happy with what we were able to do on SmackDown. It was one of the best, most fun runs of my career because it was essentially a new show. It went live on Tuesdays, so it was a new show even though it's still SmackDown, it's a new thing, and it was live, and it was kind of a new roster. So we started doing house shows on Monday and we built it. We literally saw the houses rise every night. Yeah, so we kind of built it into something that was cool and everybody over there took an ownership over it. I know I did. I was like, 'yeah, blue team. Cool.' Move on to the next chapter of the book. It was a good run."

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Source: Talk Is Jericho


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