Eva Marie On If She Would Return To WWE, Total Divas, The Rock Being Her Mentor, Advice From Rock

Too Fab has a new interview with Eva Marie, who was promoting her acting debut in the movie Inconceivable, which opens this Friday. Below are some highlights:

If The Rock has given her advice:

"Yes, he's awesome. I literally couldn't ask for a better mentor. He's done exactly what I'm trying to do, he gets it. Going into an audition or putting yourself on tape, it's not the easiest thing to do especially because an audition is usually a camera and one person and then you have to bring to life this character. His advice to me is do the work, always put 110% effort into whatever it is that I'm doing, especially when it comes to these auditions and bringing these characters to life.

"And then, be yourself when you walk into the room, never change. Leave it all in there. Once you're done, walk out and you're onto the next. That's what I've really tried to carry throughout the process of going in for auditions, and not taking anything too personal because there's so many factors that come into people getting roles, whether it's not the right look or doesn't have the right accent or wrong color hair. The list goes on, so you gotta take it lightly and move on."

If she would return to WWE for an event:

"Oh my goodness, for sure. WWE, for me, is where it all started. You never know, I could show up on a Monday Night Raw, I could come down to SmackDown Live and snatch that title real quick. Never leave me out, you never know what's creeping around the corner, if you know what I mean."

If she will ever pop up on Total Divas again:

"You never know. It's definitely a possibility. I love that show and I think everybody needs a little bit of Natalie Eva Marie in their life, so why not spread it everywhere."

Eva also discussed how she got the movie role, Nicolas Cage being a big WWE fan, if acting is the direction she wants to keep going in and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Too Fab


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