– Above is slow motion video from the big SmackDown brawl with Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Carmella, Tamina Snuka and Becky Lynch from Tuesday’s show. As noted, these 5 Superstars will compete in the first-ever women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match later this month.

– Former WWE star Cameron recently spoke to Extra about a new shoot she has in Icon Magazine. She commented on a possible return to WWE in the future:

“As far as I am concerned WWE and I parted on good terms. I have no ill will towards anybody there. I am grateful for my time as a WWE talent. I appreciate all of the love and the hate I have received over the years from the WWE Universe. No matter what was said about me I appreciate their candor and their passion for the business.”

“I would definitely love to come back in the future to show the WWE Universe my full potential. I like to say this isn’t goodbye but more like see you later. There will forever be a chip on my shoulder. Maybe one day I will be able to prove myself to the WWE Universe.”

– As seen below, Curt Hawkins recently issued a Twitter poll asking fans if Zack Ryder should team with him or Mojo Rawley when he returns from the knee injury this summer. 60% of fans voted for Hawkins as of this writing. Also below is a reply from Mojo, who says his former “Hype Bros.” partner should team with James Ellsworth instead.