Former Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, W*ING, and Big Japan Pro Wrestling star, Mr. Pogo, has passed away at age 66. According to a Yahoo Japan article, Pogo died in the hospital from a cerebral infection after receiving back surgery in Gunma, Japan.

Initially starting in Japan in the early 70s, he worked his way to Canada and the United States before coming back to his home country. Along the way, Deathmatches became his specialty and most fans will remember him - with his scythe in hand - facing off against Atushia Onita in a feud that would lead them to encounters like an Electrified Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Death Match. He also faced off against some of the best in the world including Ric Flair, Harley Race, and Terry Funk. In 1996, Pogo broke his neck during a match against Terry Funk and while he attempted a comeback, he was semi-retired after the injury.

The video above and videos below are from Mr. Pogo's career (some are NSFW):