The show opens with a video package of last week's X division title match, which saw Sonjay Dutt accomplish a career long milestone by finally winning his first X division title. In the highlights package, words of inspiration are shown on screen about following your dreams and believing in yourself. Sonjay Dutt's post match celebration and his emotional speech afterwards, are also shown during the video.

We are now backstage in the dressing room area. Sienna is trying to talk to Laurel Van Ness, who is busy staring at a high heel shoe. Sienna gets Laurel's attention and tries to get her to focus on their tag match tonight against Rosemary and Allie. Sienna tells Laurel that Rosemary has no friends and will not show up for the match, so Laurel will finally have a chance to get revenge on Allie. Sienna eventually gets a cackling Laurel to promise that she will focus by repeating the word over and over.

Jeremy Borash intros the show from inside Stage 7. He is joined by his Slammiversary opponent Josh Mathews on commentary. JB cues to Indian Ring Announcer Siddharth Kannan for the opening match. The opening five minutes of Impact can be seen in the video below.

Trevor Lee vs. 'The Lone Wolf' Davey Richards w/Angelina Love vs. Suicide vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Matt Sydal

There is a Sony Six trophy at stake for the winner of this match... The assumption here by JB and Mathews is that the winner here will be in line for a future X division title shot against the new champ Sonjay Dutt.... The former Wolves partners go at each other immediately. They are scheduled to face off in a 'Full Metal Mayhem' match at Slammiversary, where each man will team with their respective wives.... Richards and Edwards brawl on the outside early on. The action is fast and furious in this one. Braxton Sutter clears the ring but is met by Davey Richards, when he returns to the ring. Sutter disposes of Richards to the outside and Eddie Edwards meets him there with his shot of caffeine dive. Sydal and Suicide go at it for awhile. Suicide knocks him to the outside and then takes everyone out with his top rope trust fall dive, as the show heads to it's first break.

When Impact returns, Suicide is leaping off the top with a cross body on Braxton Sutter. Sutter rallies with a top rope move of his own and hits a neck breaker. Trevor Lee sneaks into the ring, he hits a leaping forearm shot on Sutter. Lee then rolls up Sutter, hooks the tights and eliminates him from the match. Lee and Richards then work together on Suicide for the next couple of minutes, while Sydal and Edwards are on the outside recovering. Eventually, Edwards runs into the ring to save Suicide from the double team. He hits a flurry of offensive moves on Lee and Richards. When he attempts a charge into the corner, Edwards misses and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Suicide recovers and tries to battle both Lee and Richards, but he is eventually eliminated by Lee when Trevor pins him after a leaping double foot stomp.

The match is down to 4 men and Sydal gets back into the action. After a frantic pace between all 4 men, Edwards attempts to hit a suicide dive on Richards but Davey hits him in mid-air with a steel chair. Davey Richards is then disqualified for using the chair. Richards sets up Edwards in a chair on the outside. He then runs down the ramp with a steel chair but Edwards rises up and ends up slamming Richards into a steel chair. Edwards is now also disqualified and eliminated from the match for using a steel chair as well.... The match is now down to Trevor Lee and Matt Sydal, as the show heads to another break.... When Impact returns, Matt Sydal is gaining momentum. He hits a beautiful standing moonsault on Trevor Lee, it leads to a near fall. Moments later, Sydal hits a standing rana for another near fall. Sydal takes to the air again but misses and is knocked down by a stiff forearm by Lee. When Lee attempts to put Sydal away, he gets grounded with a roundhouse kick. This leads to Matt Sydal hitting his signature shooting star press from the top to get the victory.

Matt Sydal Wins The Sony Six Way X Division Elimination Match

After the match, Bruce Prichard, Scott D'amore and The Sony Six Pictures CFO Nitin Nadkarni come into the ring to present Matt Sydal with The Sony Six trophy.

Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash reset the show from their broadcast area. They hype the two main matches scheduled for tonight. Mathews tries to get Borash to hit him, so that he can be fired before Slammiversary. JB ignores Josh and cues to a video of Rockstar Spud and Swoggle in India. In the video, Spud tries to get revenge on Swoggle on the streets of Mumbai, India. A little Indian person shows up to break up the fight between them.

Allie is backstage. She is talking to herself and is panicking about Rosemary not being at the arena yet for their tag match.

After the break, A vignette airs with Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park trying to regroup and motivate each other for their upcoming tag match at Slammiversary against Mathews and Scott Steiner.

Rosemary & Allie vs. Sienna & 'The Hot Mess' Laurel Van Ness

Allie shows up on the stage area with a kendo stick. She waits for Rosemary to appear when her Decay theme hits. After the theme plays, Rosemary doesn't show initially. Sienna and Laurel make their way up the stage to double team Allie, Rosemary is then shown crawling from under the ring. She sneaks up from behind Laurel and Sienna and attacks them.

When the match officially starts in ring, Sienna and Laurel get the early advantage on Rosemary. Laurel hits a running drop kick on Rosemary and then gloats about it. This enables The Demon Assassin to get help from Allie. She takes down Laurel but then gets distracted by KM, who starts heading down the ramp way. Braxton Sutter makes his way out to go after KM but the distraction leads to Rosemary getting double teamed by Laurel and Sienna. Allie is knocked off the apron by Laurel. Sienna then hits a release german suplex on Rosemary and it's followed by a curb stomp by Laurel. The GFW women's champion Sienna covers and pins the current Knockouts champion Rosemary. They are scheduled to square in a unification match at Slammiversary.

Sienna & Laurel Van Ness defeat Rosemary & Allie

A Slammiversary PPV ad airs hyped by Don West. He goes into his classic pitch mode selling The VIP packages for the show. The deal includes travel packages, universal studios trip, fan interaction, parties, get togethers etc... West closes the ad talking about how he will be at all the events because he is officially back with Impact. West and ESPN host Robert Flores will be calling the action at Slammiversay on July 2nd.

Sonjay Dutt is shown on the streets of Mumbai, India. He is dressed in traditional Indian attire, as he makes the way through the streets with The X division title hoisted above his head.

A vignette airs with LAX deciding to invade local Orlando wrestling promotions, with the idea that they attack everyone and take the promoters payrolls. Clips are then shown of LAX doing exactly that.

Jeremy Borash is in ring with Mahabali Shera. JB introduces Sonjay Dutt, who makes his way down to the ring with Indian dancers.

They do a traditional Indian celebration with Dutt dancing along as well. Dutt takes the mic and speaks in his native tongue. Shera stays in the ring with him. Dutt talks about how great it feels to be X division champion, how he has tried to win the title for 15 years. He is happy and proud that he won the title in front of his people in India. Sonjay thanks the people of India. Sonjay promises that he will be the greatest X division champion that ever lived. Low-Ki's music hits and he interrupts the celebration. Low-Ki makes his way into the ring as Dutt asks him if he is here to congratulate him. Low-Ki then goes ahead and does congratulate him. He says that he is here for sportsmanship. Low-Ki then says that he won't make excuses but credits Dutt's victory to luck. Low-Ki says the rightful place of the X title is around his waist. Low-Ki then asks Dutt for a rematch. Dutt grants Low-Ki his wish and proposes that they have a 2 out of 3 falls match at Slammiversary. In a show of sportsmanship, Dutt offers to shake hands. Instead, Low-Ki strikes down Dutt and then Mahabali Shera. When he goes to the top to hit Warriors Way on Dutt, Matt Sydal runs out to save Sonjay.

Mahabali Shera vs. KM

Shera is bandaged up after the attack by Low-Ki. He fights off doctors on the ramp way to make his way to the ring. KM attacks Mahabali from behind and throws him into the ring apron. KM then takes Shera into the ring and tries to pin him quickly but Mahabali kicks out. KM continues beating down Shera by targeting his injured ribs. KM misses with a springboard splash. Shera lifts up KM and hits his Sky High finisher to secure the victory.

Mahabali Shera defeats KM by pinfall

Kongo Kong's music hits and he makes his way to the ring to attack Mahabali. Kong tries to splash Shera in the corner but misses. Mahabali tries to fight both KM and Kong but the numbers game catches up to him. KM floors Shera and The 400 pound Kong follows up with a giant frog splash off the top rope. Shera is left laying in the ring, as the heels walk off.

Part Two of The JB-Joseph Park pep talk airs. They both head to training. JB does the AJ Styles "Get Ready To Fly" intro from Styles TNA theme, before leaping into a rooftop pool. Park decides to leap into the pool as well and a slow motion sequence follows with JB fearing that Park will land on him. He doesn't and both men end up high fiving by the pool in slow motion.

After the break, Chris Adonis and Eli Drake are making their way to the ring. It was hyped prior to the break that Moose is scheduled to reveal his tag team partner at Slammiversary against them. Drake takes the mic and talks about how he hears the Moose chant in his sleep and how he is tired of it. Adonis gets on the mic and gets upset when the fans in India start chanting for Moose. Adonis says that Moose doesn't deserve to be in the ring with the both of them. Drake then states that Moose has been involved in his business for way too long. Drake then calls The Indian crowd Dummies to get them to shut up. Drake jokes that Moose will probably end up tagging with Bruce Prichard because every other Impact star is already booked. Adonis and Drake mock being scared of facing Moose and Bruce. Eli then calls out Moose to get the answer, as to who his partner will be. Moose's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Moose admits that Drake is right, that he doesn't have a partner in The Impact locker room. Moose announces that NFL star running back DeAngelo Williams will be his partner at Slammiversary.... Once Moose makes the official announcement, a video package airs with the sports media's attention on Williams signing with Impact and his in-ring training. When the show cuts back to the ring, Drake and Adonis have attacked Moose and grounded him. They stand over Moose and taunt him.

Back at the broadcast area, JB and Mathews hype tonight's main event tag match of Lashley & "E-Singh 3" teaming against Alberto El Patron & James Storm. Both teams are then shown arriving to the arena earlier in the day..... After the break, Mathews and Borash go over the Slammiversary XV lineup before cueing to the ring for the main event.

Bobby Lashley & "E-Singh-3" vs. Alberto El Patron & 'The Cowboy' James Storm

Mathews mentions on commentary, how three nights ago on June 19th, Impact Wrestling had it's 15th birthday. Before the match begins, "E Singh 3" comically does some meditating while sitting on the outside.... Storm tries to go after "E Singh" early on but Carter backs away and tags in Lashley. Bobby beats down on Storm and taunts the crowd but Storm battles back quickly and tags in Alberto. When El Patron gets into the ring, Lashley tags in Carter rather than facing off with him. Alberto gets the upper hand on EC3 and sends him to the floor with a basement drop kick. Lashley tries to attack Alberto from behind and is sent to the outside to join Carter. Alberto and Storm then team up in tandem and Alberto sends Storm over the top and onto Lashley and Carter, as the show heads to break...

When the show returns, EC3 and Lashley are roughing up Alberto in the corner. A highlight is shown during the break of how the heels gained the advantage when Alberto went for his double foot stomp but was pushed off the top by Lashley. The heels control the action for the next couple of minutes. Alberto rallies when he catches Carter in a cross arm breaker in between the ropes. El Patron tags in James Storm and he goes to work on Lashley who also gets tagged in. Storm hits a sling blade on Lashley and then arm drags EC3 into the ring. Storm then goes for Carter's leather strap. The ref tries to stop him from using it but Lashley flies in and decks Storm from behind. Storm is then sent to the outside and EC3 rams James head into the ramp while the ref is distracted. When James is sent back into the ring, Lashley hits a delayed vertical suplex on him for a near fall.

Lashley stays on the offensive and clubs Storm repeatedly in the ropes. EC3 is in and he takes Storm down to the mat with a front face lock. When Storm powers out and heads to the corner for the tag. Lashley runs into the ring and prevents the referee from seeing Storm make the tag to Alberto. Storm continues to take a beating and ends up getting power slammed by Lashley. When it appears that Bobby is getting set to finish off Storm, Carter slaps Lashley hard to tag himself in. They tease dissention. Moments later, Storm battles back but reaches into the wrong corner initially to make the tag. Storm finally gets his bearings and tags in Alberto. El Patron comes in hot and takes the fight to EC3. Lashley ends up slapping Carter and tagging himself in. He then tags Alberto with a stiff strike. Patron battles back with a back stabber but Carter breaks up the count. All 4 men get into the ring and battle to the top rope. Lashley takes all three men down from the top. Lashley then sets up to spear Alberto but misses. Storm hits the last call kick on Lashley, Alberto then hits the big Si kick on Lashley. El Patron then slaps on the cross arm breaker but EC3 comes into the ring and breaks up the hold. Carter gets a hold of his leather strap. Referee Brian Stifler tries to prevent Carter from using the strap but EC3 ends up whipping the ref and gets his team disqualified.

Alberto El Patron & James Storm defeat Bobby Lashley & EC3 by Disqualification

As soon as the bell rings. Storm goes after Carter, gets his strap and chases him up the ramp way . Alberto brawls with Lashley and wins the battle on the outside. He then grabs his GFW title and Lashley's Impact World Championship. Impact ends with Alberto going into the crowd with both titles and posing with them.