Jeff Hardy On Using "Broken" Gimmick In WWE, What Would Have Kept Him With Impact, Wyatt Compound

On the Talk Is Jericho episode entitled 'When Ambrose Met Hardy', former world champions Dean Ambrose and Jeff Hardy met for the first time and discussed a number of topics with fellow world champion, Chris Jericho. Notably, Ambrose put over the Hardys' Broken Universe, Jericho professed that The New Day confronting The Wyatt Family at the Wyatt compound missed the mark, and Hardy talked about the possibility of bringing the Broken gimmick to WWE.

According to Ambrose, the Broken Universe is incomparable.  

"Oh, man, it's like… it's like, not even outside the box. It's outside of a different box in a different room. I don't even mess with your box, man. I just do my own box and I'm going to get outside of that. It's gutsy to do something that's so different and it's cool because it seems like it really got over." Ambrose added, "you can't compare it to anything else. Like, that's really cool."

On the subject of the Broken Universe, Hardy said that he and Matt would basically deliver the final product to Impact Wrestling to air, with the exception of Total Nonstop Deletion.

"There's something powerful with that whole thing." Hardy continued, "oh yeah [the Hardys did the Broken stuff on their own]. Oh yeah [the Hardys financed it themselves], for sure, yeah. Yeah, basically [the Hardys would simply deliver the finished product to Impact Wrestling]. Yeah, everything except the last thing we did, which was Total Nonstop Deletion and it was Apocalypto. I was like, 'man, what if we did a volcano?' Back in my first run here I had a little volcano in my yard and I jumped it with my dirt bike and all that madness and so I thought, 'maybe I can build another volcano,' but you can't get clay around Cameron [North Carolina], man. Like Lumberton [North Carolina] was the closest place, but, luckily, a friend of mine had a place. He dug stuff out and threw stuff in, like, from landscaping or whatever, and so I spent $3,000 building a damn clay volcano, just to, like, dig a hole in it. And, actually, they brought pyro in there, got my stuff out of it and made a big old flame out of it, so they put a lot of money into that one, that last thing we did, but other than that, it was all us and it was very low budget. But that's what made Final Deletion so cool, because there was no budget. I want my first music video to be kind of like that."

With respect to WWE's RAW segment with The New Day facing off against The Wyatt Family at the latter faction's compound, Hardy admitted that he watched it and was impressed.

"Yeah, I watched that. Yeah, I remember sitting in the hotel watching that, man. And I was like, 'wow, this is exciting' to see how it was with the budget and everything. I was pretty honored, in a way."

In Jericho's view, the aforementioned New Day/Wyatt Family segment was not even half as good as Final Deletion.  

"It wasn't as good. It wasn't half as good. Let's be honest, right?"

When asked whether The Hardys will be using their Broken gimmicks in WWE, Hardy hinted that he would like to do so; however, 'The Charismatic Enigma' shared that there was no talk of using the Broken gimmicks in WWE when they signed. Also, Hardy acknowledged that he would be with Impact Wrestling in all likelihood if Billy Corgan stayed wth the company.

"No [there was no talk of using the Broken gimmick in WWE], because we did the Ring Of Honor pay-per-view. That's when we got the whole cease and desist letter. They said if we use it, 'we're going to sue you' and sue Ring Of Honor. I think Dish Network, they didn't air the pay-per-view because of the threat or whatever because it said the Broken Universe characters were specifically developed for Matt and Jeff Hardy and that is so far from the [truth]. Yeah, [the Hardys developed the characters] and even Billy Corgan. I love Billy, man. He was right out there with us, man, throughout two long nights of filming. Yeah, yeah, he almost owned it. And I think, honestly, I'd probably still be there now if it still would have worked out." Hardy "It's cool to hear people chant ['Brother Nero'] even here. Hopefully, one of these days, I will emerge as The Brother Nero."

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