Jerry Lawler Reveals His Biggest WWE Payday And How Much He Made

On the latest 'Dinner With The King', co-hosts Jerry "The King" Lawler and Glenn Moore talk about The King's feud with The Miz in 2010-11 for the WWE Championship. They sent use the following:

When it comes to predicting which would be the first to get back in a WWE ring, Lawler says Angle would win that race. But The King goes on to explain what Angle and Bryan might be feeling with their current roles in WWE.

"I can relate to both of these guy's situation," Lawler said. "I promise you neither Kurt Angle or Daniel Bryan go into this business and worked their way to the WWE to be general managers on Raw and Smackdown. I can assure they are doing it, but without a doubt, they are doing it because that the WWE wants them to do right now. Because they feel like their wrestling would be a liability in the ring right now.

"I know that they would both rather be out there performing in front of all the fans in the ring. And it's gotta be eating them both up inside that the WWE thinks they are not capable of doing that anymore."

When talking about his feud with The Miz, which led to a WrestleMania 27 match against Michael Cole, Lawler reveals his WrestleMania match payday.

"My lone WrestleMania match led to my biggest payday ever in the wrestling business. Here's me, an announcer, having a WrestleMania match with another announcer. In a matter of a few minutes [I was out there], I got paid $130,000 for that match."

Also on the podcast, Lawler talked about LaVar Ball on Raw and also answers Cody Rhodes' request to wrestle him sometime in the near future. You can listen to the episode below: