On episode 183 of The Jim Cornette Experience, professional wrestling personality Jim Cornette took aim at one of his favorite targets, Vince Russo, fresh off the heels of Cornette’s recent appearance on the WWE Network’s Table For 3 program along with Eric Bischoff and Michael ‘P.S.’ Hayes.

According to Cornette, Russo emails WWE Chairman Vince McMahon every week after WWE Monday Night RAW to “beg” for work. Cornette went on to hope that Russo attempts suicide after seeing that both Cornette himself and Eric Bischoff have been welcomed back into the WWE fold.

“The thing is, I’ve got to think our old friend, fart stench, s–t stain, of course, the Archbishop of Talentbury, which I did get [in the final cut of the Table For 3 episode in question], by the way. I did hear about that. This f–king clown once again revealed, and he stooges on himself, it’s not like we need to talk about him. He stooges on himself all the time. Whenever he’s doing something wrong, or when he’s doing something he’s not supposed to be doing, or people aren’t supposed to know about, he emails accidentally to tell them about it. But the idiot said again last week on the internet, in front of God and everybody, ‘well, I’ve contacted Vince about going back [to WWE].’ He emails, and I have this on pretty good authority, Vince Russo emails Vince McMahon every week after RAW, every week, and still to this day, and tries to explain to him how much better it could be and he begs constantly for a job, ‘oh, Vince, I could do this and I could do that. Blah, blah, blah.’ He’s the only one who hasn’t figured out that everyone [has] seen through his f–king bulls–t and don’t want him around. But, I hear Russo, on a weekly basis, begs for another job with WWE.

“I meanwhile, sit here quietly in my own home, don’t have any contact with them until they called me and very politely, as we’ve covered, asked me to come down there and be a part of the WrestleMania weekend festivities, and do the Hall Of Fame thing, and also do the show. And also, Eric Bischoff, I don’t know for a fact, but I’m probably convinced that he doesn’t call on a weekly basis and beg for a job and they bring him in too and we’re on the shows and we’re on the Hall Of Fame, and et cetera, and we’re knocking Russo. So basically, this f–king guy has to sit in his hovel or wherever he f–king lives, and watch two guys who don’t give a f–k go back to the WWE and be asked to come back to WWE and do a show where they can knock him while every week he’s begging Vince, ‘please Vince! Please take me back! I need a job. Please, please, please, please, please!’ f–k, hopefully this will make him just go ahead and just end it all.”

Although Cornette admitted that the 20-minute Table For 3 episode in question was pared down from a 90-minute conversation that often centered on Russo, James E. nonetheless opined that the episode suggests that some people within the company just wanted to give Russo a difficult time.

“Obviously, if we talked for an hour-and-a-half and Russo was the predominant part of the conversation, that indicates to me that some people in the WWE just wanted to hear Vince Russo get the piss taken out of him. So keep calling, and emailing, and writing, and begging, Vince. Maybe you can get a sign. Russo, get a sign. Stand on a corner, Main Street in Stamford, Connecticut, saying ‘Will Book For Food’.”

Also during the podcast, Cornette took shots at Russo’s domicile, Evansville, Indiana while suggesting that Russo may attempt self-harm after watching Table For 3.

“He moved from Colorado, supposedly, to Evansville, Indiana. And Evansville was the armpit? and I’m sorry if there [are] any fans listening in Evansville, but Evansville was the armpit of the Tennessee territory. If you want to give the Tennessee territory an enema, you stick the nozzle in Evansville. On Wednesday nights, it didn’t draw well, the building was old, the payoffs were down. It was a place where nobody really wanted to be. We called it E-ville. And so, apparently, he [has] moved there, a great f–king choice for him to live. And I don’t remember if there were any high bridges, or big buildings, or monuments, or anything that he can jump off of. But maybe if you see a flying Russo in Evansville, in the Evansville area, it’s probably because he jumped off of some high something to end it all after seeing [Table For 3].”

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Source: The Jim Cornette Experience