Jim Ross On James Ellsworth Winning MITB Match For Carmella, Mike Bennett Taking Maria's Last Name

Jim Ross posted on his blog at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

Finishes at MITB that some fans weren't happy with:

"Unlike some fans who follow me on Twitter (@JRsBBQ), and thanks if you do, I am more interested in execution and effort than I am the results of most matches including the MITB bouts Sunday night. This PPV was one primarily positioned to future developing storylines with SummerSlam in particular in WWE's creative cross hairs."

Ending of the Women's MITB Ladder Match:

"James Ellsworth winning the MITB match for Carmella was controversial to say the least and one can likely expect that matter to be followed up on significantly on Tuesday's SmackDown Live. Ellsworth could have a trip to the woodshed in his immediate future by a bevy of hostile ladies."

Maria and Mike Kanellis joining WWE:

"Endorse the hiring of Mike and Maria Kanellis, and Mike discarding his last name Bennett to take Maria's name is a 'Heat seeker' and in a good way, in my opinion. Quality people added to the locker room is always a good thing."

Much more is contained in Ross' blog, including more of his thoughts on the Money in the Bank PPV. You can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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Source: JR's BBQ


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