John Cena On Wanting Feud With Roman Reigns, If He Will Go To RAW Or SmackDown, WWE Return, More

John Cena did a Q&A on Twitter this afternoon ahead of tonight's episode of American Grit. Below are some highlights with the questions (sic):

how much can you bench press???

"Best ever is 487 pounds working now towards 500 catch it on @BellaTwins @YouTube"

Favorite movie?

"Love the entire arc of #StarWars"

Have you missed being in the ring?

"So so much! Can't wait for #SmackDownLIVE 7/4"

Which upcoming WWE talent would you like to face?

"Many new and gifted stars, I never back down from a challenge"

Favorite WWE moment?

"Used to say my next one but it is now when @BellaTwins said YES"

this may be random but if you were in a zombie apocalypse, name 3 people who you would need by your side

"Nicole, Spray aka Rob MacIntyre, and VKM"

What's the most you can deadlift????

"Most ever is 664, 670 soon I hope"

Whats your favorite song?

"At last, Etta James"

are you staying on Smackdown or going to Raw?

"I will go wherever I'm told"

Would you like to work with @WWERomanReigns soon?

@KOllomani contributed to this article.


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