Josh Mathews On Scott Steiner As A Tag Partner, Fans Booing Him, If Abyss Shows Up At Slammiversary

Josh Mathews spoke with Sportskeeda on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Scott Steiner potentially appearing in India:

"You never know when Scott's going to show up. That was the beauty of getting a tag team partner like Scott Steiner, and we're going to have an incredible match at Slammiversary, We're going to win obviously and defeat Joseph Park and JB [Jeremy Borash], but you never know when Scott's going to pop up."

If Abyss - instead of Joseph Park - shows up at Slammiversary:

"If Abyss or Joseph Park or JB or whoever shows up, it doesn't matter. Scott Steiner and I are going to eviscerate them completely. It's going to be an annihilation of epic proportions live on Pay-Per-View."

Fans booing him in the Impact Zone:

"I don't know what all that's about! I think that they love me so much and they're jealous because they want to be like me, but they can't."

Josh Mathews also discussed his time in India. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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