Kazuchika Okada On Kenny Omega Match At NJPW Dominion, U.S. G1 Special, Cody Rhodes Challenging Him

Kazuchika Okada spoke with New Japan Pro Wrestling after his match against Kenny Omega at Dominion on Sunday. Here are are some of the highlights:

Going to a 60 minute time limit draw again Omega:

"It's all too much. I never thought I'd have an opponent that took me to the 60 minute mark, let alone beyond that and not be beaten. He took me to my limits, past them. It was a real surprise. ...I'm sore, I'm weak, my hands feel numb. Obviously I took a lot of punishment, but as time went on, it became harder and harder to stand, I was spaghetti legged. It was my first 60 minute match, but it was hard fought all the way. And Kenny too- I can't honestly say 'We drew at 60, but if we had 70 minutes I would have beaten him.' I just don't know. That's how tough Kenny was. I haven't felt that way about an opponent for a long time."

Defending the IWGP Heavyweight Title at the U.S. G1 Special and what kind of match he wants to have:

"I want to have a match that says 'This is New Japan Pro Wrestling.' The American fans want that, and of course the Japanese fans will be watching on NJPW World. To Japanese fans maybe it's the same NJPW, but it has a different nuance to bring that to America. I want to show the level of an IWGP title match and have people say 'Come back to LA' or 'Come to New York.' Basically to have people all over the world wanting us to bring our product there. This is the first step toward that."

Cody Rhodes challenging for the title:

"He's welcome to try. He and I have only shared a ring once, so neither I nor the NJPW fans have a clear idea of how good he really is. It's clear he is very able, it's a fresh opponent for me, and he has an international name."

Okada also discussed more about his match at NJPW Dominion. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: NJPW


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