Lucha Underground Recap (6/28): The Cueto Cup Continues, Crane Vs. Killshot, Joey Ryan Vs. Taya

Season 3 Episode #24- "Macho Madness"
Filmed At 'The Temple' In Boyle Heights, Los Angeles California

Here is the synopsis for this week's episode: The Cueto Cup's first round continues; a new luchador arrives to the temple; Crane's jealousy erupts

The show opens with a video teaser as a prelude of what's to come on this episode. The teaser shows Dario announcing his Cueto Cup with 32 Luchador participants.... Crane's obsession with his former love interest Catrina and The ongoing Killshot-Dante Fox storyline...... The opening scene takes place in a darkened room surrounded by candles. Catrina instructs Mil Muertes to destroy everyone in the Cueto Cup, so that he can reclaim The Lucha Underground Championship once again. Muertes professes his love for Catrina and promises to deliver what she wants. Catrina seductively kisses Muertes and then instructs him again to bring The Cueto Cup to her. As the camera pulls away, A dark figure emerges from the shadows, it is revealed to be Jeremiah Crane. He takes his black hood off and shows frustration after seeing Catrina kiss Muertes.

We are now inside The Temple. Matt Striker and Vampiro intro and hype this week's show. They talk about being halfway through The Cueto Cup, with the other half of the bracket continuing tonight.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Round One- Group C
Mil Muertes w/Catrina vs. Veneno

Unbeknownst to the broadcast team, who question his identity, 'Veneno' is the former Cortez Casto, who was revealed and outed as being an Undercover Los Angeles Police Officer named Reyes. Dario Cueto assumed that he has eliminated Reyes from his Temple but Reyes has returned under a mask to seek revenge. He's got the wrong opponent to achieve his revenge scheme in Muertes. Although winning championships is not what Reyes is after. This match is over almost as soon as it starts. Muertes destroys Veneno inside of a couple of minutes. Muertes finishes off Veneno with the flatliner.

Mil Muertes defeats Veneno by pinfall to advance to the next round of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Muertes will move on to face the winner of The London-Vibora match in this bracket. After the match, Catrina gives Veneno her signature kiss of death..... During the break, a Modello Beer ad airs with Sexy Star being featured. That ad is followed by another Lucha Underground sponsor tie-in with Auto Zone, this ad showcases Taya.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Round One- Group C
Paul London vs. Vibora w/Kobra Moon

These are two of the strangest characters in Lucha Underground and that's saying something. Both London and 'Vibora' have a history with the WWE. London is of course known for laughing at his boss, before he was storyline blown up and of course his tag team with Brian Kendrick. Vibora is not as well known, Before he had the snake head here in Lucha Underground, Vibora was trained in FCW and NXT and once teamed with Corey Graves as "Judas Devlin". The 6'5 233 pound Vibora is one third of the current LU Trios Champions. The "Chemically Enhanced" Paul London, as Matt Striker puts it, goes after Vibora early on and tries to strike him with no success. London then retreats to his corner and gets his carrot. When Vibora comes after London, he grabs Kobra Moon and threatens to hurt her with his carrot. London pushes Moon into Vibora and tries to leap into him but ends up getting punched in mid-air. Vibora takes control and over powers London in the next few minutes. London eventually battles back and hits a trust fall on Vibora. Both men crash on the outside and the referee starts to count both of them out, London crawls back into the ring, when Vibora tries to follow him back in. London's rabbit tribe cohorts emerge from under the ring. They grab Vibora by the legs and prevent him from reentering the ring.

Paul London defeats Vibora by countout to advance to the next round in The Cueto Cup Tournament

Paul London is now scheduled to face off against Mil Muertes in the next round of the tournament.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Round One- Group C
Taya vs. Joey Ryan

Typical Joey Ryan match with him in full on sleaze mode. He oils himself up and then offers Taya his lollipop when the match starts. Taya is not going for it and she goes on the attack early. Ryan gets himself back in the match when he hits Taya with a thrust kick on the apron. Ryan then proceeds to rough up Taya on the outside. Ryan gets cocky and it costs him, when he heads to the top rope and ends up getting body slammed by Taya. She then builds up momentum and goes for a corner splash but misses. Taya ends up hanging over the top rope. This sets up an opening for Ryan and of course, he takes it. Ryan proceeds to spank Taya. Joey then gets Taya up in an electric chair position but she breaks free. Taya ends up hitting a northern lights suplex and then transitioning into a double foot stomp to secure the victory.

Taya defeats Joey Ryan by pinfall to advance to the next round of The Cueto Cup Tournament

Taya will face the winner of this week's main event between Killshot and Crane.

Mil Muertes is shown backstage in The Temple. He is dressed up in a suit and preparing to leave, as Crane shows up out of nowhere and attacks him with a steel chair. Crane lays out Muertes with several chair shots. He then stands over Muertes and says "She's Mine". Crane then sets up a chair over Muertes neck, he swings another chair and slams it into the other chair. Crane screams out she's mine again while doing this.

After the break, another hype video airs for the upcoming Johnny Mundo-Rey Msyterio LU championship match. Several Lucha Underground wrestlers are shown in the video talking about both Rey and Johnny. From Chavo Guerrero to Richochet to Cage. They all speak about Mysterio and Mundo's talents and respective resumes. Matt Striker is also in the video. He gives his own breakdown of the upcoming world championship match by comparing Mysterio-Mundo to matchups like Flair-Steamboat, Miesha Tate-Rousey and Ali-Frazier.

The Cueto Cup Tournament
Round One- Group C
Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot

It doesn't take very long for these two to take the action to the outside. They brawl out there and Crane backflips Killshot into the crowd. Killshot ends up landing on his feet and then springing onto top of Crane with a somersault. Jeremiah turns the tide, moments later when he reverses and throws Killshot into the steel grate at ringside. Crane then suplexes him on the concrete floor. Jeremiah then sets up Killshot on the wooden chairs at ringside. He then runs around the ring to build up steam, Crane then cannonballs into Killshot. The move wipes out both men and several of the wooden chairs at ringside. When the action gets back inside, Killshot recovers and regains the advantage after hitting a series of aerial moves on Crane. The action goes back and forth for the next few minutes. Crane connects with a big running kick but goes for a second one and gets hit with a rolling thunder cutter by Killshot. The next few sequences see Crane and Killshot go through several counters and reversals. Crane hits a reverse brainbuster for a near fall. Both men then go through a very nice exchange of leaping knee and leg strikes, this ends with Killshot and Crane knocking each other down at the same time. Jeremiah and Killshot then engage in a sequel of their first striking exchange. The fans in the Temple chant fight forever. This time, Killshot comes on top when he hits a flurry of moves, culminating in a hangman's DDT. Killshot then traps Crane in a short arm scissors submission but Jeremiah is able to escape to the ropes. Killshot and Crane then battle on the ring apron. Crane leaps onto Killshot but ends up getting hoisted and then dropped onto the apron. Killshot then hits his finisher "The Killstomp" but Crane surprisingly ends up kicking out. Just as Killshot tries to put Crane away for good, Dante Fox shows up. He is in the rafters of the Temple. He calls out to Killshot and ends up distracting him. Crane capitalizes on this and hits his cranial contusion finisher on Kill to secure the victory.

Jeremiah Crane defeats Killshot to advance to the second round of The Cueto Cup

Crane will go on to face Taya in the next round of The Cueto Cup. After the match here, Crane is celebrating when the lights go out. When the lights come back on, Catrina is standing at the top of the temple stairs. She stares him down and Crane blows her a kiss.

The show ends with a scene taking place in Dario Cueto's office. Dario is standing in front of his Cueto Cup board with the updated results shown. Cueto is talking to someone off camera about the upcoming matches in the tournament. He is previewing the upcoming Group D matches, still yet to come. Cueto hypes the star power in that group. He lists three of the matches, Prince Puma vs. Ricky Mandel, Sexy Star vs PJ Black and Dante Fox vs. El Dragon Azteca. When the camera pans out, Son of Havoc is shown as the person, Cueto is talking to. Havoc is listed as facing a mystery opponent in the 4th match in round one of Group D. The man who appears to be Son of Havoc is actually 'Son of Madness'. When the camera pans to his face, 'Madness' has similar attire and appears to be identical to Havoc. He even reveals that he is from the same location as Havoc, adding to the mystery of what relationship 'Madness' has with Havoc. A confused Cueto adds the updated match as the final one in his tournament.


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