– In the video above, King Mo talks about being in the corner of Bobby Lashley for his match against Alberto El Patron this Sunday at Slammiversary.

“I know Bobby Lashley knows a lot of people, and I know Donald Trump is Lashley’s boy as well,” King Mo said. “I also heard that Donald Trump was supposed to be out there to help Bobby Lashley for his wrestling match. From what I see, Donald Trump is busy. But Bobby, you know what? We go way back, man. I’ve been on your ass since 2005. I got your back!”

NJPW revealed this week that their NJPW World streaming service is now available on Amazon Fire TV. You can also stream the service on Chromecast. Just a reminder that we will have live coverage of this weekend’s NJPW U.S. specials on Saturday and Sunday night.

– Penta el 0M, f.k.a. Pentagon Jr., was unable to make his match with Cody Rhodes at last night’s DEFY Wrestling event after he was reportedly mugged. DEFY Wrestling issued the following statement:

Derek Bumgarner contributed to this article.

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