Mojo Rawley On How Jinder Mahal Has Changed Since Their Last Match, Why He Lost To Jinder

Recently on WWE Talking Smack, Mojo Rawley talked about his loss to WWE Champion Jinder Mahal on WWE SmackDown Live and consequently losing the opportunity to compete in the WWE Money In The Bank Ladder match. Also, Rawley discussed how he will bounce back and hinted that some changes may be on the way for the 2017 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner.

According to Rawley, he will now have to "refocus" following his loss to Mahal. Moreover, 'The Iron Sheik' of the Arizona Cardinals put over the WWE Champion, saying 'The Maharaja' is quite different from the person he has faced in the past.

"I think I had a lot of momentum going. I was on a roll. I asked for the match tonight. Shane [McMahon], thank you again for granting me the opportunity and regardless I didn't get the job done. And now it's time to kind of refocus, regroup, go back to the drawing board, but hat's off to Jinder, I've got to say."

Mojo added, "he's a bit of a different dude these days from when I had my last match with him and I beat him. He's a lot meaner now, he's a lot more aggressive, and probably more importantly than any of that, I mean, the guy [has] got the strength of a nation behind him, one of the biggest nations in the world and you can kind of tell that there's that intangible presence about him, just a little different than it was before."

When asked about The Singh Brothers' distraction during the match that allowed Mahal to take control of the contest, Rawley put the blame on himself, saying that he should have been prepared for the interference.

"That kind of has to go in your scouting report, that they're going to be there. You've got to keep your head on a swivel and be ready for the distraction, but, unfortunately, it got the best of me."

Rawley acknowledged, "the bottom line is I didn't get the job done tonight. That doesn't mean I won't get the job done in the future though. The worst thing you can do after a loss is doubt yourself, reevaluate too much, for lack of a better way to say it, the worst thing you can do is lose your mojo after something like that. This is by no means something that's going to set me back. Sometimes you've got to take that one step back to take the two steps forward and knowing me, my track record through the years, I need that punch in the mouth. I need to get hit in the face. I need to get dropped hard before I can really circle the wagons and proceed. It breaks you out of being complacent, of being in your comfort zone. And to be honest with you, it sucks I lost. I had a lot on the line today, but in a lot of ways I'm glad it happened because I know how I'm going to handle this. I know how I'm going to respond. I know how I'm going to jump back. I know what I'm going to do at the gym once I leave here. I know how I'm going to handle life moving forward and there [are] going to be, I didn't sleep much before, but there are going to be many sleepless nights after this one. I'm going to study the tape, get back to the drawing board, and I'll be ready."

Rawley indicated that he will react positively from the loss. Additionally, 'The Hype Bro' suggested that some changes may be on the way.

"I have a lot of shortcomings. I'm aware of that. I work on those things. But I have a lot of things that got me here. I just won at WrestleMania in my first one. I can't let a loss like today end me, change everything that I do, man. This is life right here. This is what happens. You get knocked down. You've got to step back up. How are you going to handle a loss? This is what Mojo Rawley is all about."

Rawley reflected, "I'm very upset that I loss, but I'm going to keep that to myself because I did that to myself. [Shane McMahon] gave me this opportunity and I blew it. I'm going to be hard on myself. I'm going to beat myself up for a long time, but that's what's going to motivate me, inspire me. Yeah, we're going to have some changes coming, but it's going to be within the realm of who Mojo Rawley is."

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Source: WWE Network's Talking Smack


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