Parody Site Jokes About Top WWE Star Being Killed, WWE Dominant Triple Team Moves, RAW In Arkansas

- The latest WWE Fury above looks at 13 dominant triple team moves, ending with The Shield planting Ryback with a triple power bomb.

- WWE will return to the ASU Convocation Center for the last time this year for a RAW live event on Saturday, August 26th in Jonesboro, AR. Tickets go on sale this Friday, June 23rd at 10am.

- Satirical site The Onion posted a story here that's been getting a lot of criticism about The Big Show being shot and killed after a 7-year-old boy entered a steel cage with Show inside. While it's clearly satire, it does joke about the death of a real figure.

"Last night, after determining he posed a clear threat to a young boy who had entered the steel cage, we chose to end the life of one of our wrestlers," a fake WWE spokesperson named Chris Bellitti is quoted as saying in the article. "It is a tragedy anytime something like this happens, but luckily we can say a child is alive today thanks to the swift and appropriate measures taken by our WWE staff."

"While lethal force is always a last resort, the reality is that we were dealing with a very large adult—one of our strongest males," Bellitti continued. "A tranquilizer could have taken five, even 10, minutes to bring down a wrestler that size, and it likely would have made him even angrier in the meantime. We simply couldn't risk waiting any longer to act."

Michael Rotgers contributed to this article.


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