Photos: WWE Looking To Create Theme Park Attractions?

Forrec, an international entertainment design company, has been working with WWE to create branded theme park attractions.  

Prospective projects include rides with signature WWE moves like the Moonsault, the Rock Bottom and one geared around Suplex City.  Others include a rebranded ride on Triple H's Sledgehammer and a dark ride called Road to WrestleMania. There was a roller coaster held up by a large John Cena and a Kuka-arm style ride that sits in the middle of a wrestling ring.  This has can be compared to The Sum of All thrills attraction housed at Disney's Epcot.

Every experience was rebranded with recognizable WWE names such as NXT Bootcamp and Royal Rumble.  Examples of this include an Andre the Giant fun house and a classic haunted house called WWE House of Horrors, using the likeness of superstars such as Undertaker and The Boogeyman.  

Forrec worked to provide WWE with scalable attractions that could be featured in indoor venues as well as a full-scale outdoor WWE theme park.

The work will only fuel something that has been speculated for years in that WWE could use the attractions to accompany a physical Hall of Fame in Orlando, Florida.  Given WWE's versatility and ability to monetize their trademarks, they could also use the attractions to add to already existing theme parks.

Information on actual development of the concepts is not yet available.  However, it's clear WWE is exploring options to further market their global brand in the tourism space.

You can check out Forrec's plan and concept art for WWE in this PDF starting at page 26. You can check out a couple of photos of the concept below:


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