Possible Rumor Killer On 2017 Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame Inductee

Impact Wrestling posted a video this week of James Storm discussing the 2017 Hall of Fame and what it means to be a Hall of Famer. Storm said that a Hall of Famer helps out the younger generation, and noted that he had the experience to pass along to the younger talent, which led people to assume that Storm is this year's Hall of Fame inductee.

It should be noted that Impact this week posted another video with Storm, which we had mentioned yesterday, with Storm saying he was not going into the Hall of Fame this year.

"A lot of people keep saying, man, you deserve to go into the Hall of Fame," Storm said. "I'm just like, 'no.' I'm not ready. To me, someone who goes into the Hall of Fame, that kinda means they're at the end of their run. I'm not done yet."

Storm went on to say that he has no idea who this year's inductee will be.

"This year is kind of a toss up," Storm noted. "Every year you can kinda guess who it's going to be and kind of get close. This year, I don't think anybody's going to guess it."


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