Ric Flair On Partying With Randy Orton And Batista, Wanting Evolution To Be Inducted Into WWE HOF

On the WWE Network's Table For 3 episode entitled 'World Champion Legacy', Ric Flair, Bruno Sammartino, and Randy Orton discussed many topics. During the show, Flair talked about having fun as a member of the Evolution stable and Flair mentioned that he would like Orton to retire soon, so they can be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame as Evolution.

According to Flair, he had a lot of fun in Evolution with Batista and Orton.

"I used to be able to get him. Now, he's all calmed down, when I was hanging out with him and Batista, I had more fun. Hunter was always kind of… he had his own thing, but [Orton] and Dave [Batista] had a whole different gig going on. Two young, handsome guys. I'd just take Batista to the bar and he'd take his shirt off for all the chicks!" Flair added, "I was living my life vicariously through these two guys!"

Also during the show, Flair told Orton to hurry up and retire, so 'The Nature Boy' can get a third WWE HOF ring for Evolution

"Well, here's the deal. I want you to retire as soon as you can. God knows you've got enough money, okay? So I can get my third [WWE Hall Of Fame] ring when they induct Evolution, okay?"

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Source: WWE Network's Table For 3


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