ROH TV Recap: Adam Cole Vs. Hangman Page, Bully Ray, The Briscoes & Castle Vs. LIJ And More

Ring Of Honor TV
Episode #298
Taped from The 2300 Arena In Philadelphia,PA

The show kicks off with Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara already in the ring, awaiting their opponents. Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are once again on commentary. They hype the show's main event with Adam Cole seeking revenge against The Bullet Club, when he faces Hangman Page.

War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs. Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara

War Machine are the current IWGP tag team champions. Cheeseburger and Ferrara have been teasing dissension on ROH TV recently..... War Machine's dominance is on full display here. Cheeseburger and Ferrara attempt to double team Ray Rowe right at the start. They attack him with strikes but Rowe retaliates by hitting both of them with multiple headbutts. Rowe then lifts up Ferrara and Burger at the same time and gives them a dual overhead suplex. 'Warbeard Hanson' is in and he shows off his athleticism with a carthwheel. He then strikes down Ferrara with a lariat. Back into the ring is Cheeseburger, and he and his partner start building up momentum with some tandem offense. It all starts when Hanson tries to powerslam Rowe on top of Ferrara. Cheeseburger comes in and dropkicks Rowe, knocking War Machine down. Moments later, Ferrara hurricanrana's Hanson into Rowe. Will then lifts up Burger and uses him as a human battering ram. Their flurry of offense quickly comes to a halt when Ferrara and Cheeseburger make the mistake of trying to whip War Machine into one another from opposite corners. Rowe and Hanson reverse the attempt and instead, Rowe whips Ferrara into an assisted seated senton by Hanson in the corner. Cheeseburger then gets hit with a pop up wheel barrow lariat by War Machine. Seconds later, Cheeseburger is hit with a vicious assisted sit down power bomb by War Machine, but he surprisingly kicks out of a pin attempt. The majority of the crowd pops for this and starts chanting Cheeseburger's name. He gets a second wind and actually escapes from a War Machine double team attempt. Cheeseburger hits the 'Shotei' strike on Rowe. He tries to load up for one more Shotei strike but gets sprung off the ropes and War Machine flattens Burger with a pop up powerslam. Hanson immediately dives through the second rope onto Ferrara at ringside, to prevent him from entering the ring to save his partner. Rowe then pins Burger to secure the victory.

War Machine defeats Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

War Machine takes the mic after the match. Rowe talks about how Philly is an important wrestling town. He says that Philly is also important to them because they formed their team in this very town and they also ended up becoming ROH tag champs in this very same building over a year ago. Rowe says that he can't sleep at night because War Machine is missing something and it's The ROH Tag Titles. Rowe calls out The Young Bucks and tells them that they are next. Hanson grabs the mic and yells 'War Machine World Domination'. The video of this can be seen below:

A video package airs chronicling the current feud between ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels and The 'American Nightmare' Cody. Highlights are shown of the finish to their world title match at the last pay per view. The key point of contention being that Cody had Lethal pinned when Daniels hit the BME and secured the pinfall victory instead. Cody's promo from last week airs, where he stated that ROH management has a conspiracy to prevent him from being champ because he has refused to sign a long term contract with the company..... Back at ringside, Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana announce that Cody will get a world title rematch against Christopher Daniels at The Best in The World PPV on Friday June 23rd in Lowell, Mass.

Christopher Daniels cuts a promo backstage in front of The ROH banner. Daniels says that he will continue his dream by ending "The Nightmare" at Best In The World.

During the break, The usual Jay Lethal Health Alert hotline ad airs. It's followed by ad for AXS TV and their live coverage of The G1 special on July 1st in The U.S.

Buly Ray, The Briscoes & Dalton Castle w/The Boys vs. Los Ingobernables De Japon (Tetsuya Naito, 'EVIL', SANADA & Bushi

Kevin Kelly has joined the broadcast team for the remainder of the show.......A real fun opening to this match. Tetsuya Naito is super over with the crowd and the opening sequence revolves completely around him. It starts off with Naito playing mind games and schooling Mark Briscoe. He spits on him, sends him to the outside and does his usual fake dive spot, where he lays on the mat and poses. Naito then calls out Bully Ray into the ring. Bully gets an ECW chant from the crowd in the former ECW arena. Bully runs the ropes and does a Naito pose of his own. Naito follows suit and runs the ropes himself but instead of doing his signature pose, he punks out Bully Ray and tags in Bushi. The cool opening sequence can be seen in the video below:

Bully Ray no sells two Bushi's drop kick attempts. He rips off Bushi's shirt and then starts pounding his chest with over head slaps. Evil and Sanada come into the ring and get the same treatement from Bully. He then goes over to the LIJ corner and calls Naito back into the ring. Testuya pretends to be up for it but then fakes out Bully and takes a powder. Dalton Castle is in next and he does his usual comedy antics with Bushi. Dalton does his signature pose and Bushi sells being intimidated. Castle shows up the former IWGP junior heavyweight champ and Naito takes exception. He calls for his LIJ crew to go on the attack. Sanada comes into the ring and knocks down Dalton from behind. LIJ then teams up and knocks the Briscoes and Bully off of the ring apron. Dalton Castle is then tied up in a pretzel in the ring and Sanada stands on his butt and mocks Castle with Dalton's signature pose. This was one of Sanada's signature moves called "Megusta" but this time with a twist. Castle is dropkicked by Sanada in the pretzel position.

LIJ has laid out The Briscoes and Bully on the outside with steel chains. EVIL is in the ring and he beats down on Dalton Castle. He actually ends up using famed New Japan referee Tiger Hattori for assistance. EVIL swings Castle's leg, Tiger inadvertently catches it before it hits him and EVIL gets an unofficial assist from Tiger and knocks Castle down. Tiger pleads with Jay Briscoe on the apron that he is still impartial in this match. Fun stuff..... The show goes to break with EVIL controlling the action.

When the show returns, Naito tries to prevent Castle from tagging out but fails. Mark Briscoe comes into the ring and hits a flurry of offensive moves on all 4 LIJ members. He uses some of his redneck kung fu offense and tags in his brother Jay. The Briscoes then work in tandem, Mark hits a running blockbuster on EVIL from the apron. Jay then hits a vicious looking suicide dive on Naito, where Tetsuya's head snaps back against the top of the steel guardrail. Bully is in now and h bodyslams Sanada and Evil inside the ring. This sets the stage for EVIL and SANADA to get hit with The Wuzz Up spot by Mark Briscoe and Dalton Castle in opposite corners.

Bully Ray then instructs Dalton and The Briscoes to get the tables. He mockingly shoves Tiger Hattori and tells him to get the tables as well. Dalton is over joyed with being given the task of getting the tables. When Bully and Mark head outside, Dalton and Jay debate over which one of them should get the tables. Bushi comes into the ring to spew green mist into their eyes. The Boys see Dalton in trouble and they rush into the ring and push him out of the way. Bushi ends up spewing only Jay Briscoe into the eyes. Naito runs into the ring, he rolls up a blinded Jay Briscoe and pins him.

Los Ingobernables De Japon defeats Bully Ray, The Briscoes & Dalton Castle

After the match, The Briscoes get into an argument with Dalton Castle. They blame The Boys for their loss. Dalton tries to protect them. The Boys hide under the ring and The Briscoes decide to wait for them to come out. The Boys manage to escape while Dalton tries to calm The Briscoes down.

Hangman Page cuts a promo backstage in front of The ROH banner. He says that he is going to kick Adam Cole out of Ring of Honor wrestling, the same way that Adam was kicked out of The Bullet Club.....

After the break, Jay Lethal hypes a tag team grudge match on ROH TV in two weeks, where he will team up with Bobby Fish against Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser...... At ringside, Kevin Kelly promotes New Japan's Dominion show on June 11th. On the card, RPG Vice will be defending their junior heavyweight tag titles against The Young Bucks.... The show then cuts to a backstage interview with Roppongi Vice. Rocky Romero wants to take on The Bucks and Hangman Page in Philadelphia on ROH TV. Beretta says that he has a partner lined up, so that it won't have to be a handicap match. The Young Bucks show up with Hangman Page. The Bucks superkick Romero and Beretta and Page beats them down afterwards.

Adam Cole vs. Hangman Page

Cole takes control early and hits a tope suicida on Page heading into the break.... When the show returns, Hangman Page reverses the momentum with a suicide dive of his own. He then mocks Cole's Bay Bay catchphrase. Page dominates the next few minutes of action. Page hits a nice modified straight jacket bridge suplex for a near fall. Cole starts to rally later with a bicycle kick, followed by the "ushigoroshi" shoulder neckbreaker. Moments later after both men jockey for position on the ring apron, Hangman springboards into the ring but gets caught with a super kick. Cole then hits the shining wizard on Page for a near pinfall victory. Cole then follows a reeling Page to the apron. Cole tries to suplex Page off the apron but Page counters, knocks Cole to the outside and hits a shooting star press. Hangman then hits a springboard lariat on Coles, as the show heads to it's final break.

When the action returns, Cole and Page are exchanging strikes. Page fakes out Cole and hits a spike piledriver on him. Page then attempts to finish Cole off with the Rite of Passage but Cole breaks free and hits a succession of kicks and knees. Adam Cole then attempts the Last Shot on Hangman but Page counters and hits Cole with his own move. This leads to a near fall. Both men crawl to the apron. Hangman tries to hit his Rite of Passage finisher on Cole from that location but Adam breaks free with a superkick. With Hangman slumping over on the outside, Cole leaps off the apron and hits a leaping exploder bomb.

With both men laid out, Referee Todd Sinclair considers calling off the match, when he checks on Hangman Page. Cole rolls Page into the ring, rather than get the countout victory. Cole leaps off the top rope but gets caught and hit with The Rite of Passage by Hangman. Page covers Cole but he kicks out at the last second. Page springs up, he hits a running lariat on Cole, that sends him inside out. Hangman then once again hits his finisher on Cole but this time, he gets the victory.

Hangman Page defeats Adam Cole by pinfall

The final scene of the show sees both Adam Cole and Hangman Page being tended to by officials. Page gets up, shoves one of the refs down. He takes off Todd Sinclair's belt and whips Adam Cole with it. Frankie Kazarian comes out and goes after Hangman Page. He runs him off, as the show comes to an end.

Here is a preview video for next week's TV show. Which will feature 'The Villain' Marty Scurll defending the ROH Television Championship against Kushida.


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