ROH TV Recap: The Bullet Club Vs. RPG Vice & Mystery Partner, New TV Champion Crowned And More

Taped At The 2300 Arena In Philly, PA

The show opens with The Young Bucks and Hangman Page making their way to the ring for a Six Man tag team match. Their opponents Roppongi Vice soon follow. Rocky Romero gets on the mic prior to the match starting. He is upset that his partner Trent Beretta went out and got a mystery tag team partner without consulting with him first. Trent tells Rocky to relax and be happy. Beretta then introduces his "Real Tag Team Partner" and "Best Friend" Chuck Taylor.

Hangman Page & The Young Bucks vs. Rocky Romero, Trent Beretta & 'The Kentucky Gentleman' Chuckie T

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are once again on commentary for this show. At the time of this taping, RPG Vice was the IWGP Junior tag champs. This past Sunday's Dominion show saw The Bucks claim those titles away from them. Both teams are scheduled to face off in a rematch in the G1 special show in California.

This is billed as Chuckie T's ROH debut. Chuck Taylor has been around the block on the indy circuit. From PWG to EVOLVE to Chikara, The latter of which he is most associated with. "Chuckie T" is very similar to Beretta, in that they act the same and pretty much share the same brain/style. The entire story of this match here is the tension caused between Romero and Beretta because Trent is playing favorites with his "Best Friend". Rocky spends the entire match sparring with Taylor and trying to prove himself to Beretta..... All six men brawl to start things off. The opening sequence leads to Chuckie T diving over the ropes onto The Bullet Club. Taylor and Beretta team up after this and hit several tandem moves. They get a 'Best Friends' chant from the Philly crowd. Rocky Romero gets jealous after seeing Taylor and Beretta work so well together. A Beretta/Taylor in ring hug sets him off. Rocky responds by going on an offensive flurry to show them what he can do. After taking down The Jacksons and Page, Romero teases going after Trent and Chuckie, in a comedic spot where Beretta and Taylor actually lift up Rocky and fling him towards The Bucks and Page.

The bickering between the babyfaces helps The Bullet Club eventually take control. Matt and Nick Jackson hit rapid fire tandem moves in succession. Hangman Page joins in on the fun. He drapes Beretta across the ring apron and Nick Jackson leaps on top of him with a senton. When the show returns from it's first break, The Bullet Club have been working over Beretta in their corner. Trent eventually rallies and heads to his corner to make the hot tag. Both Taylor and Romero are reaching out for the tag but Taylor pushes Romero off the apron, so that he can come in for the save instead. Chuckie sends Hangman Page to the outside, he then evades The Young Bucks and catapults Nick Jackson into his brother Matt in the corner.

The next couple of minutes of the match are very chaotic. All six men get involved and execute aerial moves. It starts with Hangman Page hitting a springboard double lariat on Taylor and Beretta. Seconds later, Nick Jackson tries to dive onto Romero at ringside but Rocky pushes Hangman Page in the way. Romero then suicide dives into the both of them. Meanwhile back in the ring, Matt Jackson and Chuck Taylor battle to the top rope. Beretta springs to the top to save his buddy. Trent grabs Matt by the waist and suplexes him from that position. With Matt grounded, Taylor leaps off the top rope with a swanton bomb. Beretta then picks up Matt and hits a Gotch Style Piledriver. Matt manages to kick out of the matches first near pinfall. Beretta then sets up Matt for the Strong Zero finisher. Rocky is on the apron, looking to leap into the ring and execute RPG Vice's finish but Chuck Taylor trips him up and executes the move instead. Matt Jackson appears to be out but Nick saves him by leaping onto Beretta with a swanton to breakup the potential pinfall victory. Nick then hits Taylor, Romero and Beretta with several leg and knee strikes. Moments later, Nick Jackson suplexes Beretta onto the ring apron. Nick then connects with a springboard X factor on Romero. Rocky is sent to the outside and Hangman Page hits a shooting star press off of the apron and onto him. The chaotic sequence continues with Matt Jackson planting Chuck Taylor with a springboard DDT on the ring apron. This entire rapid fire Young Bucks styled sequence can be seen in the video below.

After getting planted on the ring apron, Chuck Taylor appears to be on the verge of being defeated. Despite the tension between them. Rocky Romero comes into the ring to save Taylor. After Romero is disposed of by The Jacksons, Chuck Taylor receives his invite to a superkick party but here comes Trent Beretta crawling into the ring. Beretta is in to take a bullet for his best friend. Hangman Page holds up Trent but the Bucks end up accidentally kicking Page. Despite the mistake, The Bucks still end up superkicking Beretta. The Bucks then set up to stereo superkick Taylor but Romero crawls into the ring and takes the bullet instead. Despite RPG Vice's efforts to save Chuckie, Taylor still ends up getting super kicked. The Bucks then look to finish off Taylor with The Meltzer Driver. Romero and Beretta have recovered and they trip up Nick Jackson off of the apron. Chuck Taylor is still in the tombstone position held up by Matt, when this occurs but he counters out and hits the "Omega Driver" on Matt Jackson and pins him.

Roppongi Vice & Chuckie T defeat The Bullet Club

Beretta, Romero and Taylor make amends after the match. They share a group hug and celebrate their victory.

A promo by The Kingdom airs after the break. They hype up their match with Dalton Castle's "Boys" next week on ROH TV. TK O'Ryan blames the boys for his injury a few months back. Vinny Marseglia is wearing a Jason styled mask and talks about how he is going to enjoy making the boys suffer. Matt Taven closes the promo by making a joke about punching Castle in the face. He equates it to a country song.... It's as corny as it sounds......

A Jay White video feature follows this. The profile piece focuses on Jay White's journey from his home in New Zealand to training to become a wrestler in The New Japan Dojo. In the piece, White talks about his accomplishments in ROH, his 6 month undefeated streak, the time limit draw with Jay Briscoe and his most recent ppv match with Will Ospreay. White calls the War of The Worlds match with Ospreay, a career defining moment. Jay says that it irked him a bit that people were surprised that he could have a great match. White then addresses Punishment Martinez's involvement in the conclusion of that match. He says that Martinez ruined a great moment where the ROH fans were giving him and Ospreay a standing ovation. White promises that Punishment is going to see different side of him, when they eventually face off in the ring.

The Rebellion (Shane Taylor & Rhett Titus) w/Caprice Coleman vs. 'Search And Destroy' (Jay White & Jonathan Gresham)

"S & D" was started up by The Motor City Machine Guns to combat The Bullet Club and other factions in ROH. This is a continuation of their current feud with The Rebellion. Alex Shelley joins the broadcast team at ringside for this match. Before all four men get inside the ring, They start brawling on the outside. Jay White ends up throwing Gresham into both Titus and Taylor.

When the match officially starts in the ring. The 5'4 Jonathan Gresham gets over powered by the much larger Taylor for the next couple of minutes. After being roughed up by Taylor. Titus (not the brand) makes his way into the ring. He hits a gut wrench powerbomb and a splash on Gresham. The Rebellion continues to isolate and rough up Gresham in their corner. When the show returns from the break, Gresham is trying to fight his way out of The Rebellion's corner but he gets struck down by a Rhett Titus dropkick. Rhett and Shane start flinging Gresham around the ring, when they attempt to splash him in the corner. Gresham evades them and uses their momentum against each other. He sidesteps Titus and sends him flying into Shane Taylor. This enables Gresham to make the tag to Jay White. He goes after both men with stiff running European uppercuts. Gresham is back in and he and Jay White hit a succession of tandem moves. Jay White ends up body slamming Shane Taylor. Jay then uses Gresham to do a running senton on Taylor with him on his back.

Caprice Coleman tries to get involved to stop Search and Destroy's momentum. Alex Shelley on commentary debates getting involved. He says that he promised his partners that he wouldn't. Shelley quickly changes his mind when Kenny King runs into ring and gets involved. Chris Sabin also makes his way out to the ring. The Guns hit their dream sequence on Kenny King. Jay White then somersaults onto the Rebellion at ringside. Paul Turner eventually calls for the bell.

Search And Destroy & The Rebellion ends in a no contest

Alex Shelley gets on the mic after the match is called. He says that no one wants to see The Rebellion anymore. He asks the crowd for approval. Shelley has a solution. He challenges The Rebellion to an 8 man tag team match at The Best In The World PPV. With the stipulation being that the losing team must disband their faction.

Frankie Kazarian is backstage in front of The ROH banner. Kazarian talks about how his rivalry with Hangman Page has reached a new level. Frankie has a strap with him and says that he is looking forward to whipping Hangman in the future.

After the break, highlights are shown from last week's six man match. Which saw Los Ingobernables De Japon defeat Bully Ray and The Briscoes. The Boys and The Briscoes ended up getting into an argument after the match, when Jay and Mark blamed Dalton's boys for their loss.... A Jay Briscoe promo follows. He is ticked off. He runs down his credentials in the company and is angry that he suffered defeat last week because of The Boys. He drops an MF bomb when he describes them. Jay Briscoe gets beeped several times, as he continues his rant about Dalton Castle and his boys. Jay says that they don't realize what they are getting into with him.

'The Villain' Marty Scurll (c) vs. Kushida

A Scurll match almost always starts with standing switches, go behinds and several counters and reversals out of those positions. This match is no different. Scurll out shines Kushida early on and lets him know it. When the pace of the match picks up, Kushida shows up Marty and taunts him. Some real nice sequences follow where Kushida gets Marty in a cross arm breaker, The Villain tries to break Kushida's fingers but can't. Scurll finds a way by turning the cross arm breaker into a pinning predicament to get Kushida to release the hold. Kushida then hits a tornado DDT on Scurll and holds on to him. He then attempts a fishermen's buster but Scurll breaks free by going after Kushida's left arm. In true Villain fashion, he starts targeting Kushida's arm and limbs throughout the match. Moments later when Scurll gets in trouble and heads to the outside, Kushida heads to the top and attempts to dive on Scurll but Marty pulls security members in the way, to take the brunt of the dive instead.

Kushida manages to stay in control despite this mishap. When the action gets back in the ring. Scurll attempts a chicken wing out of desperation but gets rolled up and nearly pinned. A striking sequence follows this that is evenly contested by both men. When Kushida tries to spring off the ropes with a handspring elbow, he gets caught in the chicken wing submission. Somehow, Kushida counters it into the Hoverboard Lock submission. Nice sequence. The Villain scrambles and eventually escapes the hold. When Kushida tries to pin Scurll with a sunset flip, Marty halts his momentum, grabs Kushida's fingers and snaps them. The Philly crowd is quieted so that they can hear the sound of Kushida's fingers snapping. Moments later, Kushida fights back with a stiff elbow but Scurll springs off the ropes and turns Kushida inside-out with a clothesline.

When both men rise to their feet, The Villain sets up for his chicken wing submission. He takes too much time revving up for it and the lights go out in the arena. When they come back on. Someone is dressed up in The Villain's attire and standing on the ring apron. Adam Cole takes off the top hat and mask to reveal himself. Cole screams his signature 'Bay Bay' catchphrase. With Scurll distracted, Kushida sneaks up from behind and hits a titl a whirl DDT. Kushida then rolls through and hits the "Back to The Future" small package driver. He then covers and pins Marty Scurll.

Kushida defeats Marty Scurll by pinfall to become the new Ring Of Honor World Television Champion

As Kushida celebrates his victory in the ring. Adam Cole waves at Scurll from the stage area and taunts him. The crowd chants Kushida's name as his hand is raised. The show ends here..... It has now been announced that The Villain will get his rematch for The ROH TV Championship at The Best in The World pay-per-view on Friday June 23rd.

Here is a preview video below for next week's show. Which will be the 300th episode of ROH TV.


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