ROH TV Recap: Episode 300, The Addiction & Tanahashi Vs. Chaos, Final PPV Hype, Lethal Tag Team

RING OF HONOR TV Episode #300
Taped At The 2300 Arena In Philadelphia,PA

The show starts off with promos done by some of ROH's originals, They all talk about the significance of this being the 300th episode. Jay Lethal opens first and reflects on the history of ROH TV. He mentions winning the ROH Television Championship on Episode #2. Lethal states that he can't wait to see what's in store for him and the company in the next 300 episodes. He closes the promo by saying that Ring of Honor is the best wrestling company in the world. This is followed by Christopher Daniels calling 2017 a landmark year for ROH, How he finally won his first world championship and with this now being the 300th episode. The Briscoes round out the group of ROH originals. Mark Briscoe talks about all the times, he banged his head and then forgets what he wanted to say. Jay Briscoe comically promises, and gets his brother to go along with the idea that ROH TV is going to get to a million episodes.

After the opening theme plays, We head inside the former ECW arena, now known as The 2300 Arena. Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni are at ringside and hype this week's special episode. As Silas Young's music hits and he makes his way to the ring with The Beer City Bruiser.

'The Last Real Man' Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser vs. 'The Infamous' Bobby Fish & Jay Lethal

'The Greatest First Generation Wrestler' Jay Lethal is scheduled to go one on one with Silas Young at this Friday's Best In The World Pay-Per-View..... The opening tag match starts off in comedic fashion, as The Bruiser is forced to pick up the pace and keep up with Lethal and Bobby Fish. The Bruiser tries to but ends up running out of gas. The story is that Bruiser had his customary 50 beers before the match. When he gets gassed, Silas Young gets him a can of beer to refuel, but The Bruiser ends up puking up his beer after Lethal and Fish get him to run the ropes.

When the show returns from the break, The Bruiser is exhausted and out of the match. Silas Young is in and he is the recipient of a Jay Lethal aerial assault, which ends with a suicide dive. When the action gets back inside the ring, The two reluctant partners Fish and Lethal work in tandem against Silas Young. Moments later, The Bruiser has gotten his wind back and he interjects to help out Silas. He ends up turning Lethal inside-out with a lariat but Bobby Fish impressively lifts him up and connects with a samoan drop. Bobby Fish turns his attention back to Silas and suplexes him into the corner. Lethal is in and goes for Lethal Injection on Silas but he counters it into his finisher Misery. Bobby Fish comes into the ring and saves Lethal. Jay and Bobby then double team Silas with a series of strikes, when Lethal attempts to covere Young for the victory. The Bruiser bulldozes his way in and breaks up the count. The teamwork by Lethal and Fish backfires when Bobby accidentally strikes down Jay. With Lethal on the outside, The Bruiser does a running cannonball off the apron and onto him. Meanwhile back in the ring, Fish and Silas go at it, when Bobby gets the advantage, Bruiser comes in and attacks him. Beer City and Silas end up hitting a tandem wheel barrow stun gun suplex on Fish. Jay Lethal is then double teamed. He evades them and hits a Lethal Injection on The Bruiser but Silas Young catches Lethal and hits his Misery finisher on him to secure the victory.

Silas Young & The Bruiser defeat Jay Lethal & Bobby Fish

Silas Young now owns pinfall victories over Lethal in singles and now a tag team match, heading into their pay per view match on Friday.

An ad airs for The Best In The World pay-per view this Friday in Lowell, Massachusetts. The top matches on the show are as follows. Christopher Daniels will defend the ROH World Championship against 'The American Nightmare' Cody. 'The Villain' Marty Scurll will get a rematch for The TV Title, he lost to Kushida on TV last week. The ROH Six-Man titles will be defended by Bully Ray & The Briscoes. They will team up against Dalton Castle and his Boys. Also on the card is a strap match between Frankie Kazarian and Hangman Page. The videos below are in-depth promos released by Ring Of Honor for those upcoming matches at the pay-per-view.

A video piece airs chronicling the latest issues between The Briscoes and The Boys. It all started on ROH TV a few weeks back where The Briscoes blamed The Boys for their loss against Los Ingobernables. Footage is shown from a backstage conversation that Bully Ray had with The Briscoes after that specific loss. In it, Bully convinces The Briscoes to calm down and to focus on being ROH's Six-Man champions and that their day of revenge will come...... This leads into another group that The Boys also have issues with it and that's The Kingdom. Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia and TK O'Ryan blame the boys for losing their Six-Man titles, as a result of TK O'Ryan being injured when he crashed into The Boys and a guardrail on PPV earlier this year. This leads to the next match on the show.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) vs. 'The Boys'

As The Boys are making their entrance without Dalton Castle. They are jumped on the stage by The Kingdom. O'Ryan nails the Boys with his crutch. Marseglia and Taven then beat down The Boys all around the ringside area. After getting choked out with chains and then thrown into the guardrail. The Kingdom pull up the ringside mats to do even further damage. Matt Taven sets up to piledrive Boy #2? on the concrete floor. Dalton Castle's music hits and he makes his way down to make the save.

As Vinny Marseglia and Matt Taven are distracted by Dalton Castle. The Boys have recovered. The bell is officially called for and The Boys sneak up behind The Kingdom. They hit The Kingdom with tandem drop kicks. The Boys then take to the air and hit a double plancha. The Boys take to the air one too many times and it backfires, when Matt Taven pushes Boy #1 off the top rope. Boy #2 is left to fend for himself and gets finished off by The Kingdom, when Matt Taven hits the "Guerrero Special" inverted superplex on Boy #2, Marseglia leaps off the opposite corner with a swanton bomb and secures the pinfall victory for his team.

The Kingdom defeats The Boys

Matt Taven's usage of The "Guerrero Special" is a direct message to Ultimo Guerrero, of whom Taven will be facing in tag team action at Friday's pay per view and in a singles match at the next set of ROH TV tapings..... After the match, Matt Taven gets on the mic and says that the Kingdom came here to make a statement. Taven snaps his fingers and on cue, Vinny Marseglia scissor kicks and knocks down the referee. Vinny then puts a mask on the ref, as another direct message to Team CMLL.

After The Kingdom poses and leaves, Jay Briscoe makes his way into the ring to go after The Boys. Dalton Castle stands in his way. Mark Briscoe and Bully Ray show up to try and diffuse the situation. They get in between Jay and Dalton. Bully calms things down and Jay Briscoe leaves.

After the break, highlights are shown of Punishment Martinez and his involvement at the end of The Ospreay-Jay White match at the last pay-per view.

Punishment Martinez vs. Joey 'Diesel' Daddiego

Daddiego tries to use his strength and golden gloves background against Punishment but it has no effect on him. Martinez over powers and beats down Daddiego for the next couple of minutes. Punishment even shows off his athleticism with a springboard senton. He follows that up with a series of corner splashes and lariats.

Daddieo tries desperately to battle back but to no avail. Martinez finishes off Daddiego with the leaping 'South of Heaven' chokeslam.

Punishment Martinez defeats Joey Daddiego by pinfall

After the match, Will Ferrara and Cheeseburger come out to check on their friend's well being. Martinez sees them and flings Burger out of the ring. Punishment then delivers the South of Heaven chokeslam to Ferrara. Cheeseburger runs back into the ring and attempts his 'Shotei' strike but Martinez blocks it and strikes him down. Martinez then sets up to curb stomp Cheeseburger. Jay White runs out to make the save. He and Martinez brawl back and forth for a bit before White manages to clothesline Punishment over the top rope. Martinez lands on his feet and briefly stares White down before walking off..... A match is set up between these two for the next ROH TV episode.

Hiroshi Tanahashi & The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Chaos (Will Ospreay, Gedo & Hirooki Goto

Ian Riccaboni has exited the broadcast area and has been replaced by 'The American Nightmare' Cody and Kevin Kelly for this main event. Tanahashi gets a loud chant from the Phiily crowd. Will Ospreay and Frankie Kazarian kick things off for their respective teams. After the 'Aerial Assassin' puts on an athletic display and shows up Kazarian. The show heads break... When the action returns, Things start to break down quickly with all six men involved. Christopher Daniels attempts to hit a springboard Arabian moonsault onto Gedo and Goto but Ospreay stops it by trapping Daniels in a boston crab. Gedo kicks Daniels in the head, while he is hanging upside down. Ospreay then goes on one of his don't blink or you will miss it offensive flurry's.

Chaos takes control of the match for the next few minutes. They isolate Daniels in their corner and take turns going to work on him. On commentary, Cody talks about his upcoming world title match with Daniels. He also puts over himself as drawing houses all over the states as well as in Japan. He claims that all the talent in Japan, have come up to him after shows and thanked him for the big crowds and payoffs...... Daniels is able to finally get out of trouble and tag in Tanahashi. Hiroshi goes after takes down all three members of Chaos. After hitting a senton on Goto, that produces a two count. Hiroshi revs up for the sling blade but Goto changes direction and strikes Tanahashi down with a lariat. Ospreay is in now, He takes to the air and hits a flying forearm on Hiroshi. He then follows it up with a standing shooting star press. The Addiction breaks up the potential pin fall. Daniels and Kazarian try to double team Ospreay but he hits them with a handspring double Pele kick.

This is followed by a frantic break neck pace with all six men taking turns hitting high impact moves on one another. The frenzy ends with all six men down after Tanahashi hits Will Ospreay with a sling blade. The show heads to it's final break.... When the match resumes, Tanahashi is seen leaping onto Goto on the outside. 3 men are down in the ring, 3 men are down on the floor. Ospreay rises up and hits a shooting star press off of the ring post and onto Kazarian and Hiroshi. Daniels sees this and prepares to leap onto Ospreay but is unaware that Gedo is directly behind him. Gedo attempts to strike down Daniels but gets caught in a blue thunder bomb. When Daniels goes for Angel's Wings on Gedo, Ospreay and Goto come into the ring to save their partner. Daniels gets rolled up in a camel clutch style pin attempt but Kazarian breaks up the count. Ospreay heads to the air and accidentally hits Goto with the Os-Cutter by mistake. The Addiction then take out Ospreay with an assisted springboard tornado DDT. Gedo tries to take on The Addiction by himself but is unable to do so. Gedo is hit with a stunner by Kaz, followed by The High-Fly Flow by Tanahashi, and then finished off by Daniels, who hits The Best Moonsault Ever on Gedo and pins him.

Christopher Daniels, Frakie Kazarian and Hiroshi Tanahashi defeat Will Ospreay, Hirooki Goto & Gedo

As The Addiction and Tanahashi celebrate in the ring, doing some air guitar. At ringside, Cody says that he is not impressed with Daniels and that he wants everyone to thank him for the highest buyrate in ROH history, come this Friday night. After Cody says this, Daniels leans over the ropes and spits on Cody at the broadcast table. Cody takes off his suit jacket and jaw jacks with Daniels from ringside. Hangman Page shows up and whips Kazarian with a leather strap. Daniels turns to go after Hangman. Cody enters the ring and clotheslines Daniels down to the mat. Cody roughs up Daniels, while Hangman Page hits the Rite of Passage on Kazarian. Cody then hits Daniels with his own move "Angels Wings". Cody then grabs The ROH World Title and lifts it up over his head. Kevin Kelly hypes up this Friday's Best In The World pay-per view, as the show comes to an end.


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