ROH TV Recap: Jay White Vs. Punishment Martinez, Bobby Fish Vs. Silas Young And More

Taped 6/3 At The Frontier Fieldhouse In Chicago Ridge, Illinois
Aired Over The Weekend In Syndication, Monday Night on The Fite TV App & Comet TV Wednesdays

As is customary with Ring Of Honor TV, The tail end of their tapings prior to a pay per view, end up airing after the ppv has already taken place. Often times what airs on the show after a pay per view are matches or angles that don't conflict with anything major that has just taken place. That is the case here with this show. This past Friday Night's Best In The World show was a very eventful one with two major title changes. The biggest headliner is obviously Cody Rhodes becoming The ROH World Champion after defeating Christopher Daniels in the main event. Cody is scheduled to headline the New Japan TV shows this coming weekend in California, where he will take on Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Championship, as part of New Japan's G1 Special in The U.S.

Capturing The ROH Title created a lot of headlines in the wrestling world for Cody and ROH, and Daniel Bryan joined in on all of it, by teasing a potential in ring return to Ring Of Honor in the future. As seen and noted in the tweets below.

On to this week's ROH TV show..... Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Alex Shelly are on commentary for the opening match.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Travis 'Flip' Gordon

Gresham is a part of 'Search and Destroy' led by The Motor City Machine Guns. The group defeated The Rebellion this past Friday, with the stipulation being that the losing team disbands. Flip Gordon just recently signed an exclusive contract with Ring Of Honor. So this is billed as a battle of two of ROH's younger stars. Something that is pushed by the commentary team as the theme for this contest..... Solid match here with both Gresham and Gordon displaying their skill sets. Flip counters Gresham's precision styled mat game by literally flipping his way out of his grasp in the early going, even at one point doing a handstand to break free. The crowd responds favorably and respectfully to both men during and after each sequence. The next few minutes are evenly contested between both men. Flip Gordon gains control of the match after connecting with a springboard sling blade. Flip then hits a flurry of aerial moves on Gresham, culminating with an impressive looking springboard splash to the outside, where Gordon leaps off the top on one foot. A dangerous but impressive looking move. Gordon tries to put away Gresham in the ring with more of his aerial offense but is unable to do so. Gresham battles back with an offensive flurry of his own. He drops Gordon on his head with a vicious looking release german suplex. This leads into a fast paced and frantic finishing sequence with several counters, reversals and near falls. Flip Gordon appears to be on the verge of victory but he gets caught in Gresham's octopus submission hold and is forced to tap out.

Jonathan Gresham defeats Flip Gordon by submission

An ROH chant breaks out after the match. Alex Shelly gets into the ring, he grabs the mic and compliments both Gresham and Gordon. Alex tells Flip that he is the future of Ring of Honor. Shelly tells Flip, that Gordon needs ROH, as much as ROH needs him. He then offers to potentially help guide Flip in the future. Shelly and Gresham then raise Gordon's hands and salute him.

After a video airs hyping this show's main event with Jay White seeking revenge against Punishment Martinez...... It is followed by a profile video on the winner of ROH's Top Prospect Tournament Josh Woods. When the video ends, Josh Woods is at ringside being interviewed by Ian Riccaboni. Woods gets a good response from the crowd but he quickly has them turn on him, when he starts bragging about his ability and toughness. Woods then calls out Jay Briscoe. Josh says that he wants to beat the man, he feels is the toughest competitor in all of Ring of Honor. Woods calls out Jay Briscoe and promises to either knock him out or make him tap out.

'The Last Real Man' Silas Young vs. Bobby Fish

Fish swam his way over to NXT recently, so this is potentially his last ever appearance on ROH TV.......

Both these men have been feuding with one another for several months now. In between, Young's current feud with Jay Lethal..... No Code of Honor between these two, Silas tries to attack Fish but gets caught in a knee bar submission. When Silas escapes, both men get into a battle of heavy striking, with Fish coming out with the advantage. The action goes to the outside and Fish spears Silas into the steel barricade twice. Ian Riccaboni actually mentions Bobby's contractual situation with ROH on commentary.... Back in the ring, Bobby Fish unloads his entire arsenal of kicks and strikes on Silas. Fish slaps on a cross arm breaker but Silas gets to the ropes and to the outside..... Silas Young has retaken control after the break. He has slowed down the pace and has grounded Fish. He maintains the advantage for the next couple of minutes. Young jaw jacks with the crowd and the ref during this stretch. He ends up knocking Fish down with his back breaker/clothesline combo. It leads to a near fall. Fish eventually battles back and buys himself some time with a T-bone suplex. After a striking sequence, Silas hits a cutter on Fish, it opens up a cut over Bobby's eye. Moments later when both men battle on the apron, Fish catches Silas in a sleeper, Young is able to break free from it. Fish then spears Silas and they both end up crashing to the outside floor. They both start brawling on the outside. Silas throws Fish over the time keepers table. The brawling on the outside continues during the break and even involved some trash cans. Fish and Young have finally made their way to the ring. They do battle on the apron and Fish traps Silas in between the ropes and proceeds to connect with several Mui Thai styled kicks. Young battles back and hits some stiff knees and leg strikes of his own. His last knee lift sends Fish sprawling into the ring. Silas then hits his Misery finisher on Bobby Fish to secure the victory.

Silas Young defeats Bobby Fish by pinfall

After the match, Bobby Fish is livid. When Silas Young mockingly offers to shake his hand. Fish pushes Silas away and gets some boos from the crowd. At the tapings, Bobby Fish threw a tantrum after the match and started flinging chairs at ringside but this was edited from this broadcast. After Fish pushed Young, Ian Riccaboni cues to exclusive video on demand footage of Marty Scurll taking on Adam Cole. Quick highlights are then shown of a Hardcore Rules match that took place between Cole and Scurll at the former ECW arena. The entire match is plugged as being available on demand at

Jay White vs. Punishment Martinez

This match is taking place as a result of Punishment's recent attacks on White, most specifically when Martinez attacked White after his match with Will Ospreay in New York.... Jay White takes the fight to Punishment early on. He sends him to the outside and goes to the air immediately to take the advantage. When the action gets back inside, White connects with a missile drop kick from the top. Martinez battles back by going to the air as well and hits a spinning heel kick. Punishment then splashes White in the corner several times. Jay White tries to retaliate but gets taken off his feet by Martinez. Punishment takes control of the match and toys with White for the next few minutes. White rallies by drop kicking Martinez in the knees. He takes the big man off his feet with a dragon screw leg whip. White then attempts to hit of trifecta on suplexes on Martinez, when Punishment tries to escape, he is hit with a flat liner. White then connects with a waist lock german suplex into a bridge. The move leads to a near fall. When the show returns from the break, Punishment tries to get Jay White up for a Last Ride power bomb but he escapes. White then attempts a suicide dive but gets caught and choke slammed onto the apron. Punishment takes control of the match and starts over powering White. He flings him around the ring but is unable to put him away. Jay White gets hoisted in a torture rack but escapes and hits a Judo suplex on Martinez for a near fall. White calls out for his Kiwi Crusher finisher. White hits it but Martinez kicks out. When White attempts it again, it gets countered and Martinez hoists him in the torture rack and hits a modified flapjack suplex. Martinez gets frustrated after White kicks out from the move. After a brief exchange of strikes, Punishment signals that he is going to put White away but instead he gets rolled up in a cradle and pinned.

Jay White defeats Punishment Martinez by pinfall

Jay White is now 2-0 in singles action against Martinez. After the match, a frustrated Martinez attempts to attack but Jay is prepared and sends him to the outside with a drop kick. They then battle on the outside and Martinez throws White into the barricade. Martinez then power bombs White through a table at ringside. The show ends with Punishment Martinez standing tall in the ring. Ian Riccaboni plugs next week's show, which will feature a Four Corners Survival Match, with the winner getting a shot at The ROH Television Title.


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