Ryback Jokes On His Demand For WWE Return, Why WWE Angles Don't Make Sense, Joining Impact Wrestling

Wake up! It's reading time! Recently on Conversation With The Big Guy, independent professional wrestler and podcaster Ryback Reeves shared one of his conditions for returning to WWE; Ryback described the WWE Universe as merely a "playground" for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon; also, Ryback talked about whether he would be interested in working with Impact Wrestling.

According to Ryback, a return demand he has for WWE is destroying The Shield, as the former WWE Intercontinental Champion endured several triple powerbombs at the hands of 'The Hounds Of Justice'.

"One of my requests if I ever go back to the WWE, is my opening night back, I call out all three of The Shield members and beat the s--t out of them, just for the ultimate revenge."

Ryback remembered that a kid asked him when he will get revenge on The Shield and he told the child that sometimes the bad guys win. 

"A little kid came up in a gas station, and this was when I already knew what was going on, and I just didn't feel like lying to the kid. He goes, he just said, 'Ryback, when are you going to get revenge on The Shield? They get you every time.' And I go, 'sometimes in life, kid, the bad guys just win.' And he just looked at me just completely defeated and he ran off and ran outside no words."

In Ryback view, there is no rhyme or reason to any WWE storylines and that the WWE Universe is merely "a big f--king playground" to McMahon.

"Everybody thinks that [in pro] wrestling there's a rhyme or reason for everything. Vince created this world to live in, this bubble, and it's his f--king decision. It's a rib half the time. Half the things, nothing makes sense and he created that. You've got to just respect it. There's not a rhyme or a reason to anything he does."

On the subject of Impact Wrestling, Ryback stated that he is not in a hurry to be back on television, but that Impact could be a possibility when the time is right. 

"I like Impact and I want them to have as much success as possible." Ryback added, "when the time is right. I'm enjoying life right now. I have my priorities in order and I'm not necessarily in a hurry to get back on TV, so I'm taking care of the shoulder, letting the body just [recharge], running my supplement company, my FeedMeMore.com business and making towns every weekend. The money's great. I'm loving life. So when the time is right, that might be a possibility."

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Source: Conversation With The Big Guy


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