Shinsuke Nakamura Suffers First Main Roster Pinfall Loss, Curt Hawkins Movie, Bray Wyatt's New Shirt

- Above is a teaser for the upcoming movie, (Romance) In The Digital Age, which features Curt Hawkins and Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle plays himself in the movie, while Hawkins plays a character named Pythagoras. The movie also features appearances from Bull Dempsey and Virgil, and will be released by Comedy Dynamics this holiday season. Hawkins appears in the teaser at the 0:13 mark, while Swoggle pops in at 1:34.

- After not appearing at Saturday's WWE live event in Vancouver due to reported "border issues", Shinsuke Nakamura worked last night's WWE live event in Everett, WA. Nakamura faced WWE Champion Jinder Mahal in the main event of the evening. There was a lot of interference from the Singh brothers. Jinder worked Nakamura over for most of the match. The crowd at one point was chanting "3MB", which got Jinder hot, however he later did his guitar taunt which actually got a pop from the crowd. The end of the match saw Nakamura make a comeback and hit Jinder with a Kinshasa from the middle turnbuckle. Before Nakamura could hit another from the front, the Singh brothers got involved again, this time costing Nakamura who got blindsided by Jinder. Jinder then hit the Cobra Clutch slam for the pin.

After the match, Jinder and the Singh's started to attack Nakamura, only for him to turn it around clean house. Nakamura finally hit Jinder with a Kinshasa to end the show. (Thanks to Wrestling Inc. readers Bryan Maloney and Adrian Trilla)

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