Sonjay Dutt On Returning To Impact, Being A Flag Bearer For India, Jeff Jarrett's Importance

Sonjay Dutt spoke to The Fan Garage on a number of wrestling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Returning to Impact Wrestling:

"It kind of all worked out. Timing was good. The company was in a transition phase; Jeff Jarrett was just taking back over. He and I have a very long business relationship. We have worked for over 15 years on various different projects. He called me and described me what exactly was going on with the company and the transition stage and I jumped on board, in all capacities."

Jeff Jarrett's role in Impact:

"It was very crucial. It was the most pivotal thing you could do. The track record and resume of the man speak for itself. And to have a man like that in charge, he's got his hand in everything. He's so knowledgeable about every factor in the industry. To have somebody at the top is extremely well for the company."

Being a flag bearer for India:

"There are not a lot of wrestlers. I cannot count the amount of Indians in one hand. Not just I, all the other Indian wrestlers out there have a big job. We got a billion people on our back that want to support us and that we want to show in a positive light."

Sonjay Dutt also discussed more about the ownership change in Impact. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: The Fan Garage