Yesterday we asked, which title did you think would change hands at tonight's WWE Extreme Rules PPV. It came down to pretty much two matches: The Hardys vs. Cesaro/Sheamus and Miz vs. Dean Ambrose. Ultimately, more of you thought Ambrose is going to drop the strap to Miz, mainly because of how the DQ rules are in place for this one. Some of you also thought Ambrose hasn't had the best reign and it's time for Miz to run with it for awhile.

Be sure to join us for our Live Viewing Partying later tonight. Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

"Since The Hardy Boys came back, they have been booked as untouchable. A little vulnerability will balance the feud.

Steph Franchomme:
"The disqualification stipulation is in favor of The Miz, so IC title changes hands."

Billy Walker:
"I think the Tag Titles are the most likely. Sheamus and Cesaro would get proper heat for squashing out the Hardy nostalgia act right now and it would perhaps set in motion the chance for Matt to just show glimpses of a darker storyline lurking underneath. Not saying he has to turn on Jeff for that to happen, just has to show frustration and I think that's best accomplished by getting the titles off them. And Sheamus and Cesaro are the perfect duo to do so right now, like let's say The Hardyz win...then what? The Club aren't exactly on fire at the moment, Enzo and Cass are involved with their own thing, Revival are out...who else is there really?"

El Vagabundo:
"Well, one thing is for sure...the Universal championship won't be changing hands."