Yesterday we asked who you thought would win the upcoming MITB Ladder Match on SmackDown. Daniel Bryan has banned James Ellsworth from ringside and will have Carmella, Tamina, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Natalya go at the briefcase one more time. This is due to a controversial ending at Money in the Bank when Ellsworth climbed the ladder and dropped the case to Carmella. The vote was decidedly for Carmella winning on Tuesday, some of you felt it would be a travesty if another Superstar got the case. Other scattered votes went towards Charlotte and Becky Lynch, but "The Staten Island Princess" looks to be the pick.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Scott Steiner is God (SC):
"Carmella will win it again. This time on her own. Hopefully starting the build to the inevitable split with Ellsworth. I think we'll also see the start of a rivalry between Charlotte and Becky. Still think they should duke it out and cost each other, leading to Becky turning on Charlotte. And I think they should also start building issues between Natalya and Tamina, leading to Nattie turning face. Use it to develop storylines. This way it feels a little less forced."

FilmJenkins, from YouTube:
"Anyone, but Charlotte!"

Hidden KARD:
"Should be Becky Lynch, but it will be Carmella once again. They're only redoing this match in the first place to correct their original mistake of having Ellsworth hijack first ever women's MITB match. That kind of finish would've only made sense if it was like the third or fourth one, but you don't do a finish like that on a match that was so historic for the women first time ever. I still believe Carmella is their choice to take it in the end."

"Carmella should win it after that awesome promo she cut."

Pushkar James:
"Carmella. 'Duh'"