Tye Dillinger Responds To Chris Brown Backstage Fight, Rock's "Jumanji" Trailer, Hulk Hogan - Palin

- Above is the first trailer for The Rock's upcoming movie, Jumanji, which releases this Christmas.

- The New York Law Journal has a story here about Sarah Palin using Hulk Hogan's lawyers, Kenneth Turkel and Shane Vogt, for her defamation case against The New York Times. Turkel and Vogt were a part of Hogan's legal team in his lawsuit against Gawker, which resulted in the website going bankrupt.

- Tye Dillinger took a shot at R&B singer Chris Brown on Twitter this week regarding the backstage incident after the BET Awards this past Sunday between Chris' team and hip hop group Migos' team. Dillinger referenced Brown being charged with felony assault after beating then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, writing:

Dan Lee, damien demento and Met Gala contributed to this article.


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