On WWE Network’s Table For 3 episode entitled Creative Committee, Jim Cornette, Michael ‘P.S.’ Hayes, and Eric Bischoff shared a meal and discussed many topics including Cornette and Bischoff’s hatred of Vince Russo.

Later, on his own show, Cornette also made claims that Russo was “Begging” for a job from Vince McMahon. This led to Vince Russo joining The Wrestling Inc. Podcast to respond to Cornette’s comments, saying they were untrue and he has publicly read his e-mails with Vince McMahon. Cornette fired back and challenged Russo to a shoot fight.

Vince then responded with an “Apology” to Jim Cornette, in his video, Russo said:

“First and foremost, I want to apologize for you blowing out your knees when you fell off that scaffold because you are a mark who didn’t know how to take a bump. I want to apologize Jim for you putting Smoky Mountain Wrestling out of business. I want to apologize Jim for you being fired from Ring of Honor for a public emotional outburst. I want to apologize Jim for being fired from WWE for assaulting another employee. I want to apologize Jim because I’m from New York.”

In the above video, Russo has now offered up a public apology to Eric Bischoff about a number of events, including his time with TNA. Russo said:

“I also want to apologize that a man had to have his lips sewn to another man, for the better part of twenty years. Sounds like a bad centipede movie to me, Eric. But that was the case between you and Hulk Hogan, wasn’t it? And Eric, how do I know that was the case? Here’s how I know it was the case. Because I want to apologize that when Dixie Carter wanted to hire Hulk Hogan, you rode in on the Hulkster’s coattails and you told Dixie Carter, ‘Hulkster ain’t coming without me, brother. This is a two for one deal.’ And ya milked Dixie, for an exorbitant amount of money, when she never wanted you in TNA in the first place.”

Russo continued to talk about how Bischoff wanted to put TNA head-to-head against Raw:

“I want to apologize, for you convincing Dixie Carter that ‘We had to go head-to-head with Monday Night Raw! It’s time, Dixie! We’re ready, we got the Hulkster! We can defeat them, Dixie!’ Yes, Eric, I believe it was you the Hulkster who were the big cheerleaders, why? It wasn’t your money. And what did you do? You embarrassed TNA, you ashamed TNA, and ya scarred TNA for life.”

He then switched gears to apologize for getting Bischoff a job with the WWE, despite their relationship, Russo said it was best for business:

“I said, ‘Vince, you’ve got to hire this guy. He is a great performer, you could tell great stories with him,’ I did that, Eric! Me! Vince Russo! Even though you were my archenemy, because it was right for business. You think Vince would have ever brought you into the WWE on his own? He heard the same stories about you that everybody else knew, but it was me who put you over to him that got you the job at the WWE. How ungrateful can you be?”

Russo then believed he figured out why Bischoff and him have been at odds, it’s because of Russo’s work at WWE and Bischoff running the NWO idea into the ground:

“The man with one good idea. A whole career, one good idea and granted there are many that say that you stole the [NWO] angle from Japan, I’m gonna give it to ya, bro. I’m gonna give it to ya! You created that all on your own, but Eric, because you were a one-trick pony, you drove that idea into the ground and you opened the door for me and you allowed me to kick it in and beat your ass and get you fired. Isn’t that what this is all about, bro? How twenty years later, you can’t get over that?”

To finish up his “Apology,” Russo left with these parting words:

“Eric, I’m sorry, for being better than you. If I had a mic, now, I would drop it.”

You can see Vince Russo’s full comments in the video above.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Vince Russo with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.