WWE 205 Live Results (6/13): Akira Tozawa Vs. TJP, Austin Aries Updates His Future And More


Akira Tozawa is backstage and is greeted by Titus O'Neill. He notes how Neville took notice of the tweet, Titus made about Tozawa going after the cruiserweight championship. Titus tells Akira that he has gotten Tozawa booked for tonight's main event against TJP. He promises Akira that he can be the next Kobe Bryant of Japan if he joins "The Titus Brand". O'Neill then breaks into his own rendition of "It's Raining Men" by changing it into "It's Raining Yen", O'Neill says that's what they will be singing if Tozawa joins his brand. Titus alters Tozawa's war chant catchphrase to 'Cha Cha Cha Ching' before walking off.

After The 205 Live theme plays, Corey Graves is joined at ringside by NXT's Vic Joseph. He is introduced as being the new play by play commentator for this show. They intro and hype the show's main event with Austin Aries addressing the WWE universe as one of the main features of tonight's show.

Highlights are shown from last night's FaceTime angle on Raw between Noam Dar, Alicia Fox and Cedric Alexander. Cedric makes his way to the ring for the opening match.

Cedric Alexander vs. Ariya Daivari

The match starts off at a very slow pace. The pace picks up when Alexander catches Daivari off guard with his athleticism. He hits a succession of aerial moves. When Cedric attempts to springboard off the top rope, his legs are taken out and Ariya takes control of the match. He grounds Alexander with a chin lock.

Alexander gets hit with a neckbreaker when he attempts to rally. Daivari stays on top with his aggressive style. Alexander attempts another rally but gets stopped in his tracks when Ariya nails him with a high knee. Alexander gets caught in a sleeper hold and the crowd goes along with him.... Cedric eventually rallies, he is able to evade Daivari's strike attempts and hits a stiff forearm. Cedric then builds up momentum and hits a springboard clothesline. Alicia Fox shows up on the titan tron in FaceTime form. Noam Dar comes out to ringside with his cell phone, Daivari tries to steal a victory while Cedric is distracted but is unable to do so. Alexander hits his lumbar check finisher on Daivari and secures the victory.

Cedric Alexander defeats Ariya Daivari by pinfall

Cedric ends up knocking Noam Dar down from the apron. He takes his cell phone and hangs up on Alicia, while she is still ranting and raving.

After an ad for this Sunday's Money in The Bank show airs........Highlights are shown of Austin Aries submission match with Neville at Extreme Rules, where Austin ended up losing when he was caught in The Rings of Saturn........Austin Aries makes his way to ring to address the WWE universe.

Austin addresses what happened to him at Extreme Rules and how he expected to be The Cruiserweight Champion at this point. Aries says that he isn't going to make excuses for his loss, despite the fact that Neville tapped out to The Last Chancery outside the ring during their match... Aries takes blame for losing and admits that he didn't come through when it counted most. Aries then addresses all the rumors surrounding him right now. How word has gotten around about his injuries. He cites his neck and knee. Aries announces that the rumors are true and that right now, he hasn't received medical clearance to wrestle. Aries admits that he doesn't know what his future holds. He's then cut off by Tony Nese, who makes his way to the ring to address him.

Nese makes his way into the ring. He tells Austin that he isn't what he used to be and that he's a fading star. That he should save whatever dignity, he has left and fade into the past. Nese then calls himself the future of the business. Aries is not impressed with Nese and how tough he is talking. He cites how he has already beaten Nese and made him tap out in the past. Aries compliments Nese as an athlete and compliments his abs. He notes the sit ups, Nese has done to get those abs but asks him what type of workout, he has done to suddenly grow a set. Nese responds by telling Aries that in his future, he doesn't have time for Austin's jokes. Just when it appears that Nese is going to go after Austin. Jack Gallagher's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He plays to the New Orleans crowd and says that it is a place for jokes. Gallagher confronts Tony Nese and calls him the biggest joke of all because he is no Austin Aries. Nese takes offense to Gallagher's comments and charges at him. "Gentleman Jack" ends up striking Nese with his trusty umbrella "William The Third". The umbrella gets bent in half and Graves suggests that William is going to need medical attention.

A disappointed looking TJP is backstage, when he is approached by Rich Swann. Swann tries to cheer up TJP and praises his effort against Neville last week. TJP brushes off Swann's compliment. Swann makes mention of how they both have been in Neville's crosshairs of late. Swann also notes how the WWE universe got behind TJP in his attempt to beat Neville last week. Swann says that the fans started to believe in Perkins and so did he. Swann mentions how TJP has been walking around with a chip on his shoulder. He cites the difference between "TJP" and who TJ Perkins really is. Swann instructs TJP to get his head in the game, as Perkins walks away.

A No Fly Zone campaign ad airs with Drew Gulak. It interrupts a Mustafa Ali profile piece, Gulak runs down Mustafa Ali and his aerial style. Gulak is once again in front of a green screen, where he is standing in front a lake. He states that he represents what the cruiserweight division should be and Ali does just the opposite.

It's announced that next week on 205 Live, Drew Gulak will face Mustafa Ali, while Jack Gallagher will go one on one with Tony Nese.

TJP vs. Akira Tozawa

Throughout this match, Titus O'Neill is shown backstage watching the action. Evenly contested battle in the opening moments. Both men show sportsmanship towards one another and get involved in a few standoffs. Graves puts over The CEO of the Titus Brand, when O'Neill is shown backstage.

After a couple of near falls by both men. TJP grounds Tozawa and goes to work on him. Akira gets the crowd to start his war chant. TJP takes to the air to cut off Tozawa's attempted rally. Perkins then isolates Tozawa's arm and goes to work on it. He plants Tozawa with a side suplex and then goes to work on Tozawa's right knee. He applies a modified standing Indian deathlock. TJP then applies a cross arm bar like submission, when Tozawa tries to break free, TJP transitions into a reverse chin lock. Tozaw eventually starts to rally, he snaps into a standing frankensteiner. It knocks Perkins to the outside. Tozawa starts up his battle cry and throws caution to the wind with a suicide dive.

Moments later, Tozawa hits a running sliding kick for a near fall. Tozawa then heads to the top but TJP meets him there. They battle on the top rope. Both men get out of that predicament and when they get back to the mat. Perkins hits a double chicken wing gut buster for a very close pinfall.

Tozawa battles back with some very stiff strikes. TJP buckles to his knees but when Tozawa charges at him, he gets caught in the knee bar submission. Tozawa breaks free from the hold and gets Perkins in a roll up pin attempt. TJP kicks out but moments later after a great series of counters and reversals, TJP gets spiked to the mat with a great looking suplex by Tozawa. This opens the door for Akira to secure the victory, as he heads to the top and lands a senton dive for the pinfall.

Akira Tozawa defeats TJP by pinfall

Titus O'Neill is shown backstage celebrating. He is singing "It's Raining Yen" again. Neville confronts Titus and tells him that Akira Tozawa is not on The Neville level. Titus gets in Neville's face and tells him that Akira is the future of 205 Live. Titus walks off and the show ends with Neville seething.


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