WWE Extreme Rules: Austin Aries Vs. Neville (Submission Match For The WWE Cruiserweight Title)

Submission Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Title: Austin Aries vs. Neville

Back to the ring and out comes Austin Aries. The pyro hits and out comes WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville next.

Back and forth to start. Several pin attempts from both before Neville takes it over for several minutes. Neville applies a Rings of Saturn at one point but Aries escaped. Neville keeps control and goes for another Rings of Saturn but Aries reveres it. Aries has Neville's own hold applied now.

Aries argues with the referee now. Aries turns around to a superkick. Aries goes down. Aries ends up getting a guillotine applied on the top rope. This leads to Aries hitting a sunset flip powerbomb. Aries turns that into a Last Chancery.

They go to the floor but the hold is still locked. Neville taps but they're on the floor. They bring it back in and Aries ends up hitting a discus five-arm. Aries goes for a suicide dive but nobody is home. The finish sees Neville bring it back in and hit Red Arrow, holding on to turn it into the Rings of Saturn.

Winner: Neville

After the match, we get replays and Aries looks on as Neville leaves with the title.

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