WWE Extreme Rules: Sheamus & Cesaro Vs. The Hardys (Steel Cage Match For The RAW Tag Team Titles)

Steel Cage Match for the RAW Tag Team Titles: Cesaro and Sheamus vs. The Hardys

JoJo announces the rules as the cage is lowered. The only way to win is have both members of the team escape and touch the floor. Cesaro and Sheamus are out first. RAW Tag Team Champions The Hardys are out next as the "delete!" chants start up.

The bell rings and Cesaro and Sheamus try to escape but The Hardys stop them. The door is open now. Jeff Hardy tries to escape. Cesaro climbs up but Matt Hardy stops him. Jeff unloads on Sheamus while Matt works on Cesaro. Sheamus catches Jeff in the Irish Curse backbreaker. They double team Jeff now. Cesaro and Sheamus stand tall before climbing the cage. The Hardys pull them back down. Jeff works on Sheamus while Cesaro works on Matt. Cesaro and Jeff collide. Matt and Sheamus climb to the tops of the cage. Jeff pulls Sheamus' while Cesaro goes after Matt. Sheamus gets crotched.

Fans chant "delete!" as Matt slams Cesaro's head into the steel a few times. The Hardys hit stereo dropkicks on the challengers. The door is opened again. Jeff hits Poetry in Motion on his opponents. The Hardys climb the cage now. Sheamus and Cesaro stop them again. Matt ends up tossing Sheamus into the steel. He starts climbing again. Cesaro climbs up but Matt fights back. Matt is brought back down. Sheamus hits a rolling senton on him. The door is opened again. Cesaro tosses Jeff into the steel. Matt stops Cesaro from exiting through the door. Matt gets double teamed and launched into the steel. Jeff fights off a double team and runs up to the top of the cage. Cesaro stops him.

More back and forth. Jeff avoids a Brogue at one point. Matt and Jeff finally climb up at the same time but the challengers stop them. Jeff tries to drop to the floor but Cesaro stops him. Jeff fights him off and drops to the floor. Jeff is out of the match.

Matt falls back into the ring but hits a Side Effect on both opponents. Matt climbs up as fans and Jeff cheer him on. Cesaro stops him. Cesaro and Jeff have a tug-of-war for Matt. Sheamus joins in. Jeff falls to the floor. Sheamus and Cesaro slam Hardy to the mat at the same time. Jeff tries to re-enter through the door but Cesaro stops him. Jeff hits him with the door. Sheamus kicks the door into Jeff and he goes down on the floor. Sheamus goes to leave through the door but Matt stops him. Matt pulls Sheamus back in. Matt with a Twist of Fate on Sheamus. Cesaro is climbing the cage now. Matt slams him to the mat. Matt climbs up and almost makes it over but here comes Cesaro again.

Cesaro with an uppercut while Matt is still laying on the top. Sheamus climbs upp for a huge White Noise from the top, with an assist from Cesaro. Jeff recovers on the floor as fans pop now. Jeff climbs to the top of the steel cage and nails Whisper In the Wind for a big pop. The finish sees Matt try to drag Jeff out the door while Sheamus and Cesaro climb out of the cage. Sheamus and Cesaro hit the floor first and win the titles.

Winners and New RAW Tag Team Champions: Sheamus and Cesaro

After the match, Cesaro and Sheamus celebrate with the titles at ringside as we go to replays.

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