WWE Monday Night RAW Results - Samoa Joe Vs. Seth Rollins, The Miz Celebrates, Alexa Bliss, More

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- Tonight's WWE RAW opens up with a look back at last night's Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

- We're live from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania with Michael Cole, Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. They hype the show and announce that new #1 contender Samoa Joe will be here later.

Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns

We go right to the ring and out comes Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt says he had a chance to slay The Beast and save us all from damnation last night but they took his own sword and put it in his eye. Wyatt says he's still here and he's coming for all who are guilty. Finn Balor is guilty. Samoa Joe is guilty. Seth Rollins is guilty. Last but not least, Roman Reigns is guilty. Fans boo Reigns' name. Wyatt has made a vow – one by one they must all be punished, starting right here tonight with Reigns. Wyatt goes on but the music interrupts and out comes Reigns to mostly boos.


Reigns hits the ring and they stare each other down. The crowd chants "Reigns sucks" and they're loud with the mixed reaction. Reigns says this is why he's The Guy. He shows Wyatt what happens when you talk trash in his yard... Reigns decks Wyatt. Wyatt comes back in and they go at it to start the match. Wyatt dodges an early Superman punch but gets stunned and goes to the floor for a breather. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Reigns kicks out of a 2 count. We see how Wyatt floored Reigns during the commercial to turn it around. Wyatt keeps Reigns grounded now. Reigns gets up and they trade shots. Wyatt blocks a Samoan Drop and nails a DDT for a 2 count. Wyatt keeps Reigns grounded again. More back and forth after Reigns is up again. Wyatt ends up on the top but Reigns rocks him. Reigns hits a Samoan Drop for a 2 count.

Reigns makes a comeback with clotheslines. Reigns with a big clothesline off the ropes as some fans boo him. Reigns runs into a boot in the corner. Wyatt launches Reigns shoulder first into the ring post and Reigns falls out to the floor. Wyatt with a senton on the floor. Wyatt looks at Reigns and smiles as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Wyatt has Reigns down but he's fighting out. Wyatt cuts him off. Reigns rocks Wyatt with a big right hand. Reigns sends Wyatt through the ropes to the floor. The referee counts but Wyatt makes it back in. Reigns unloads and drops Wyatt with a clothesline. Reigns with big shots in the corner as the fans count along. Reigns runs into a big boot but comes right back with a big clothesline for a 2 count.


Reigns gets up to a mix of boos and cheers. Reigns calls for the Superman punch but Wyatt turns upside down and taunts him. Reigns charges with the punch but Wyatt catches him and hits the Uranage for a 2 count. Wyatt waits in the corner with his back facing Reigns. Wyatt turns upside down again and charges with a splash in the corner. Wyatt puts Reigns on the top and rocks him. Wyatt climbs up and beats on Reigns. Reigns headbutts him. Reigns with more headbutts. Reigns slides to his feet and hits the sitdown powerbomb for a 2 count.

Reigns calls for the spear as he waits for Wyatt to get up. Wyatt side steps and sends Reigns into the corner. Reigns comes right back with a Superman punch for another close 2 count. Reigns with a lot of pops and boos. Reigns calls for the spear but Wyatt retreats to the floor. Reigns follows with a Drive By but Wyatt flattens him a clothesline. They both are down on the floor now as the referee counts. Wyatt makes it back in at 8. Reigns barely makes it back in. They stare at each other from the mat. Reigns is up first. Wyatt jumps up and grabs Reigns for Sister Abigail but Reigns counters with a roll-up for a 2 count. Reigns nails a Superman punch and a spear for the pin.


Winner: Roman Reigns

- After the match, Reigns stands tall as the referee checks on Wyatt and we go to replays. Reigns stands tall in the corner.

- Still to come, new #1 contender Samoa Joe. Also, a look back at RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss retaining at Extreme Rules. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Charly Caruso is with Enzo Amore & Big Cass backstage. She brings up how he's been attacked by mysterious attackers lately and asks how it hurts their match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson tonight. Enzo doesn't know who's attacking him but he's going to catch a charge when he finds out. He also knocked Corey Graves' hair style. He goes on and Cass takes the mic, saying Enzo likes Charly. Cass says the fact that people think he has something to do with the attacks is insulting. To make sure it doesn't happen again, he will be watching Enzo's back from now on. We go back to the announcers and Cole asks Corey if he wants to say anything about what Enzo said. Corey doesn't offer his thoughts as he doesn't want to say the wrong thing.

- We get stills from the "Kendo Stick on a Pole" match at Extreme Rules. We also see photos of the marks on Bayley's back from the kendo stick. Cole says Bayley is not here tonight


- RAW General Manager Kurt Angle is backstage when RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss walks in. She wonders where her congratulations are. Bliss says she proved Bayley doesn't have what it takes and she's decided she's moving on from Bayley. Bliss says she doesn't want to just celebrate her title reign tonight, she wants to celebrate her entire life and already has the guests lined up. She proposes an "Alexa Bliss: This Is My Life" segment. Angle says that's a terrible idea as last week's segment on Bayley was one of the worst. Angle reminds Bliss that she promised Nia Jax a title shot after Extreme Rules. Angle makes Nia vs. Bliss for tonight with the title on the line.

- We see Dean Ambrose walking backstage. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and JoJo introduces Elias Samson. He's in the ring with a spotlight and his guitar. Samson asks who wants to walk with Elias. He saw a leaf fall earlier today and that inspired him to write this song. Samson starts singing a song that knocks Wilkes-Barre and Dean Ambrose. The music interrupts and out comes The Lunatic Fringe.

Dean Ambrose vs. Elias Samson

Ambrose marches to the ring just one night after losing the WWE Intercontinental Title. Ambrose takes the mic and wants to say something... he attacks Samson instead and tosses him out of the ring. Ambrose unloads on Samson and tosses him over the barrier. Ambrose goes back into the ring and grabs the mic. Ambrose says he's here tonight for one reason and one reason only – he wants The Miz and he wants his rematch, right now.


The new Intercontinental Champion appears on the big screen with Maryse. Miz says Ambrose is confused because he didn't get the invitation. There will be no rematch tonight because there's an Intercontinental Title Comeback Tour Celebration. Samson attacks Ambrose from behind and drops him. Samson hits his swinging neckbreaker and talks trash in Dean's face. Samson walks off to the back as Ambrose recovers.

- Still to come, Samoa Joe is here. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Ambrose is walking backstage, mumbling about The Drifer. Kurt Angle walks up and Ambrose asks him where The Miz has his dressing room at. Angle says Ambrose will get his rematch but not tonight because they have this a contract for this championship celebration. Angle says Maryse has been planning it and he doesn't want to have to deal with Maryse. Angle tells Ambrose to leave the building and take the night off, it's not a suggestion.

- We go to the ring and out comes new #1 contender to WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe.

Joe takes the mic and some fans are chanting his name. Joe says he's going to make this rerally simple – standing here is a man who does not fear Brock Lesnar. Joe says he's incapable of fearing Lesnar because he's far too envious of Lesnar. Joe wants everything Lesnar has and he wants to take it from him. Joe wants Lesnar's gilded schedule, where he's not forced to come out each week in front of the crowd. Lesnar is allowed to come, beat people up and go as he pleases. Joe wants to to instill fear in men and he wants Paul Heyman. Joe wants Heyman to be his advocate, negotiate his contracts and run his errands. But most importantly, Joe wants Lesnar's WWE Universal Title. Joe says at Great Balls of Fire, he will be standing in the ring and looking Lesnar in the eye before taking the tmustafaitle from him. "Ladies and gentlemen..." interrupts as Heyman comes out to a pop.


Heyman marches to the ring and introduces himself. He also puts Joe over a bit for the Fatal 5 Way at Extreme Rules. Heyman asks permission before entering the ropes. Heyman says while Joe doesn't fear Lesnar, Lesnar does not fear Joe either. Heyman believes Joe likes that. Heyman goes on and calls Joe a worst case scenario for Lesnar because Joe doesn't give a damn. Heyman says Joe wants to bring the fight to Lesnar. Heyman says he's not supposed to say this but Joe wants to go to war with Lesnar. Heyman says even if Lesnar wins the match, he's not leaving the way he came in. Heyman knows Joe is going to take a piece of Lesnar with him, regardless of the result. Heyman says it's his job to make sure Lesnar is Joe's worst case scenario at Great Balls of Fire. Heyman says if Joe wants Brock Lesnar, he's got Brock Lesnar. Heyman extends his hand for a shake and they shake.

Heyman turns and goes to leave but Joe grabs him and takes him to the corner for a chat without the mic, man to man. Joe is disappointed by Lesnar not showing up tonight. Joe says something very bad is going to happen tonight. Joe tells Heyman that he's going to wrap his arm around Heyman's throat, Heyman's going to feel it tighten, and his vision is going to get hazy before he goes out. Joe wants Heyman to take this message to Lesnar, that this was meant for Lesnar, that this is what Lesnar's future holds. Joe applies the Coquina Clutch in the middle of the ring and yells for Heyman to tell Lesnar this. Joe snaps and fans boo as he tightens the hold. Referees hit the ring to try and break it up. Joe finally breaks the hold, leaving Heyman on his face. Joe marches to the back while officials check on Heyman. We go to commercial.


- Back from the break and we see what just happened to Paul Heyman. Kurt Angle confronts Samoa Joe backstage and he's not happy. Joe says he will take out anyone who gets in his way on the road to Brock Lesnar. Joe asks Angle if he's in his way. Seth Rollins gets in between them and says Angle isn't in Joe's way but he is. Rollins runs Joe down and says he beat Finn Balor last night, not Rollins. Rollins goes on and Angle makes the match for tonight. Joe says Rollins has just made a mistake. He walks off.

Cesaro and Sheamus vs. Rhyno and Heath Slater

We go to the ring and out come the new RAW Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus. Rhyno and Heath Slater are waiting in the ring. We see stills from the Steel Cage match at Extreme Rules, which saw Sheamus and Cesaro win the titles from The Hardys.

The bell rings and Cesaro provides a distraction, allowing Sheamus to attack and send Slater into the ring post. Sheamus drops Slater and covers for a 2 count. Sheamus keeps Slater grounded now. Cesaro tags in for some double teaming and another pin attempt. Slater fights back for a comeback. Cesaro gets sent to the floor. Slater drops Sheamus with a kick. Cesaro pulls Rhyno from the apron to stop the tag.


Rhyno fights back at Cesaro on the floor. Slater turns around from the distraction and eats a Brogue Kick from Sheamus for the easy win.

Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro

- After the match, Cesaro and Sheamus stand tall as we go to replays. Sheamus takes the mic and says that's how an intelligent team wins, that's why they beat The Hardys last night. Sheamus asks who is happy that The Hardys came back. They both take shots at The Hardys and brag more about becoming two-time champions before posing as the music hits.

- TJP is backstage with WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville. TJ wants to talk about their deal for him to receive a title shot. Neville tells him to have patience but Perkins doesn't want to hear that. Perkins says he stood by Neville for the past two months to help him with the Austin Aries problem and now it's time for Neville to hold up his end of the bargain. Neville says TJ is right and he's a man of his word. If TJ can take care of business tonight against Mustafa Ali, Neville will talk to Kurt Angle about the title shot. Perkins walks off and we go to commercial.

TJ Perkins vs. Mustafa Ali

Back from the break and TJP makes his way out. Mustafa Ali waits in the ring.

The bell rings and they lock up. Back and forth to start. Ali with a crossbody from the top for a 2 count. Ali takes Perkins to the mat now. TJP fights out but gets sent to the apron. TJP drops Ali with a cheap shot and nails a diving senton from the apron for a 2 count. Perkins keeps Ali grounded now.


Ali with a counter as he looks to make a comeback. Ali with a big tornado DDT from the ropes. Ali goes up top for the 450 but TJP blocks it. Perkins scoops Ali for the Detonation Kick and nails it for the win.

Winner: TJP

- After the match, TJP stand tall as we go to replays. Perkins makes his exit when the pyro goes off and out comes Neville. TJP meets him on the stage. Neville says he doesn't know how to break this to TJP but he spoke to Kurt Angle about the title shot and while he is the King of the Cruiserweights, he's not a miracle worker. Neville is afraid he has some unfortunate news. TJP says he and Neville are going to talk to Angle right now. TJP turns his back and Neville nails him from behind. Neville talks trash and drops TJP on the stage. Neville says Perkins will get his shot tomorrow night on WWE 205 Live.

- Still to come, Jax vs. Bliss with the title on the line. We go to commercial.


- Back from the break and we get another Shattered Dreams production from Goldust. He says R-Truth thinks he can sit in Goldust's directors chair... Goldust quotes Gone with the Wind and says Truth thinks this is just a game, a juggling act for a clown. Not for Goldust, he sees the truth and the bigger motion picture here. Goldust says soon the biggest names in Hollywood and the brightest stars in the sky will be covered in gold. He says it's going to be so beautiful... The Golden Age is back.


- Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke and Mickie James are backstage talking. The RAW Women's Champion walks in and says hi but they don't want to hear it. Sasha leaves. Bliss stops Dana and Mickie and starts talking nice to them. Bliss asks if anyone else is upset over Nia getting a title shot before them. She points to Dana's success and Mickie being a deserving veteran. Bliss tries to rally the two and says they all have a Nia Jax problem. Dana disagrees and says Bliss has a Nia Jax problem. Mickie says she will be at ringside to watch Bliss deal with her problem by herself tonight.

- We go to the announcers and Kurt Angle appears to call Corey Graves to the side. Cole calls it one of the weirdest things he's seen. We see Angle and Graves having a chat to the side, looking at something on Angle's phone. Graves returns to the announce table. Cole asks him what's going on. Graves ignores the question and comments on Kalisto making his entrance.

Kalisto vs. Titus O'Neil

We go to the ring and out comes Kalisto as we see how he defeated Apollo Crews on the WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff pre-show last night. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Kurt Angle is walking backstage. Mike Rome asks him what the conversation with Corey Graves was about. Angle says it was a private matter. Rome asks Angle where he's headed but Angle says it's a private matter. Angle walks out of the arena door. Dean Ambrose catches the door and makes his way back into the arena. We go back to the ring and Titus O'Neil makes his way out with Apollo Crews.


The bell rings and Titus quickly takes control by overpowering Kalisto. We see Akira Tozawa watching backstage. Earlier in the day Titus tried to recruit Tozawa into The Titus Brand.

Kalisto turns it around and makes a comeback but Titus catches him in mid-air. Titus continues to yell out at Crews about how to get it done. The finish sees Kalisto counter and get the pin with a handful of tights after Titus tried to do the same.

Winner: Kalisto

- After the match, Kalisto makes his exit as we get a replay. Crews rubs the loss in as Titus vents in the ring.

- We see The Miz and Maryse walking backstage. They stop and see someone laid out. It's Big Cass. A referee runs over and checks on Cass, calling for more help. Enzo Amore runs over now and wants to know what happened. Cass recovers and sits up. He's got someone's neck chain in his hand. It appears to be Enzo's chain. Cass hands the chain to Enzo and we go back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Enzo is with officials checking on Cass. Enzo says whoever recently attacked him took the chain from him and planted it there. The referee puts ice on Cass' shoulder. Enzo is ready to go for their match but the referee tells him to find a new partner. Enzo isn't happy and wants Cass to go out with him. Cass sells the attack and appears to be in bad shape.


- We go to the ring and Maryse has her music playing. The ring has a red apron cover and is set up for a big celebration. Large balloons spell out "M-I-Z" and there is a podium with champagne. There's also some kind of mascot with a congratulations sign. Maryse welcomes us to the biggest celebration in WWE history. She praises her husband before introducing him. Out comes the new WWE Intercontinental Champion as we see stills from his win over Dean Ambrose at Extreme Rules last night.

Miz hits the ring and fans chant "you deserve it" to him. He says that would mean more if the fans didn't chant it to everyone else who wins a title. Miz says the Intercontinental Title Comeback Tour kicks off tonight as he continues to try and restore the IC Title to the heights and the glory it once knew. They raise their glasses and Miz proposes a toast to himself. He also praises his wife for putting this all together, including the dancing bear mascot. Maryse thanks him but says she didn't get the bear to come. They go back and forth about not being the one to get the bear. Graves mentions it's a local celebrity. A paranoid Miz turns and attacks the bear, laying him out with a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz grabs the mic and goes to unmask the bear, saying he presents to us the former Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. He unmasks the bear but it's not Ambrose, just some "kid" who can now say he was beat up by the Intercontinental Champion, says The Miz.


Miz tosses the man over the top rope. We see a larger present being wheeled down the ramp by crew members now. Maryse looks on excited. Miz goes out of the ring and starts beating on the gift with a steel chair. Maryse yells and tries to stop him. He destroys the nicely-wrapped package as she pleads for him to stop, saying she worked hard on the present. Maryse says the gift is from her. He believes it's Ambrose. It's revealed to be a grandfather clock. Maryse cries and says it's timeless, just like Miz. She says he ruined it and shoves the mic in his chest before walking off. Miz asks her where she's going. He promises to get it fixed. Miz blames Ambrose for this and wants to know where he is. Miz returns to the ring and wonders if Ambrose bought a ticket, if he's wearing a Kalisto or Sin Cara mask. Miz rants about Ambrose and says he's scared of Miz. We see a camera man enter the ring and stand behind Miz. Miz sees this on the big screen. He turns around to fight but Ambrose drops him with Dirty Deeds. Ambrose grabs the bottle of champagne and takes a swig as his music hits. Ambrose leaves as Miz recovers at ringside.

- Still to come, Rollins vs. Joe. Also, Enzo and a partner vs. Gallows and Anderson. We see Enzo backstage. Back to commercial.


Enzo Amore and Big Show vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Back from the break and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are wrapping up their entrance. Enzo Amore is out next with a mic. He hits the ring and says tonight he called in a favor since Big Cass is down and out. That favor is another 7 footer and you can't teach that... the music hits and out comes Big Show. Enzo dances around but Show doesn't look impressed. Enzo jokes about Show's weight loss and asks if he's joining 205 Live. Enzo says he weighs 206 and Show is in the ring with a heavyweight. Show finally lightens up and does some comedy with Enzo. Show does the usual Cass promo before the bell.

Anderson starts the match off with Enzo and takes control. Show gets a tag and unloads on Anderson. Gallows runs in but Show easily takes on both of them. Show calls for a chokeslam on Anderson and hits it. Enzo tags in and goes to the top. Show presses Enzo and launches him onto Anderson for the pin.

Winners: Big Show and Enzo Amore

- After the match, Show and Enzo celebrate.

- Still to come Jax vs. Bliss. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Enzo is with Big Show. They walk up on Big Cass. Cass says Show has been gone for a few weeks and as soon as Enzo needs a partner, there he is. Cass says someone has been sneaking around attacking them, insinuating it's Show. Show says he's a giant, he can't sneak around. Enzo tries to kill the tension and invites Show to hang out with them. Show passes on the invite but they appear to be on good terms as Enzo and Cass walk off.


- We get another video from R-Truth video from What's Up Productions. Truth quotes "A Few Good Men" and says he's coming for Goldust. Truth goes on and says Goldust turned his back on him, now Truth turns his back. Truth promises Goldust is going to get got.

- Mike Rome is backstage with Alexa Bliss. She's not happy about tonight's title match and says the division needs to treat her better. She storms off.

RAW Women's Title Match: Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss

We go to the ring and out comes Nia Jax first. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss is out. The bell rings and the match begins. Dana Brooke and Mickie James come down the ramp to watch at ringside. Bliss smacks Nia and makes her mad to start. Nia launches Bliss across the ring a few times. Nia with a big splash in the corner. Nia misses another splash as Bliss side steps. Bliss jumps on Nia's back for a sleeper but gets tossed to the mat. Nia with elbow drops.

Nia continues dominating Bliss as Dana and Mickie look on. Bliss rolls to the floor for a breather. Bliss crawls on the floor and looks up to see Dana and Mickie. She shoves Dana, then Mickie. Bliss attacks them both but gets hit back for the disqualification.


Winner by DQ: Alexa Bliss

- After the match, Bliss takes her title and is announced as the winner. Her music hits as Dana and Mickie attack her at ringside. Nia makes the save and wants Bliss for herself. Nia puts Bliss in the ring and tries to come but in but Bliss dropkicks her. Nia makes her way into the ring but Bliss is backing up the ramp. Mickie and Dana are also in the ring now. Nia attacks them and destroys them both, leaving them laying. Nia leaves as her music plays.

- Paul Heyman is backstage getting checked on by a trainer. His phone rings and he asks the trainer to excuse him. Brock Lesnar is on the other end. Heyman says it's time Lesnar instill the fear into Samoa Joe that he does not have. Heyman wants Lesnar to show up on RAW next week but he wants to do more than that. Heyman says it's time to unleash The Beast. He hangs up.

- Still to come, Joe vs. Rollins. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and Brock Lesnar is confirmed for next week's RAW in Lafayette, LA.

Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins

We go to the ring and out first comes Samoa Joe. Seth Rollins is out next.

The bell rings and Joe throws his towel in Rollins' face to start. Joe unloads into the corner. Joe keeps control until Rollins tackles him and unloads with lefts and rights. Rollins counters a powerbomb and nails chops. Joe turns it around and drops Rollins with a headbutt. Joe tosses Rollins through the ropes to the floor. Rollins runs right back in and unloads with strikes. Joe drops him with an elbow.


Joe grabs Rollins but Rollins tosses him to the floor. Rollins runs the ropes for a suicide dive but he runs into a kick from Joe instead. Rollins falls on the floor. Joe launches Rollins into the barrier. Joe with a kick before rolling Rollins back into the ring. Joe waits for Rollins to get up and drops him with a strike. Joe works Rollins from corner to corner now. Joe beats Rollins down with strikes. Rollins fights back and hits a jawbreaker. Rollins gets sent to the apron. Rollins nails Joe and tries to springboard in but Joe pushes the top rope and Rollins falls. Joe keeps control and nails a kick in the corner. Rollins goes down as we return to commercial.

Back from the break and Joe remains in control. We see how he blocked a Slingblade during the commercial. Joe runs into a boot in the corner now. Rollins goes up top but Joe knocks him to the mat. Joe with a 2 count. Joe keeps Rollins grounded now. A bit of back and forth as Rollins tries to fight back. Joe hits the inverted atomic drop, a kick to the face and a senton for a close 2 count. Joe continues to dominate, keeping Rollins grounded again and focusing on the shoulder with a submission.

Rollins looks to make a comeback but Joe catches him in a powerslam for another 2 count. Joe with chops in the corner now. Rollins fights back and drops Joe with an enziguri. Joe rolls to the floor for a breather. Rollins runs the ropes for a suicide dive and nails it. Rollins brings Joe back into the ring and hits a Slingblade. Joe ends up back on the floor. Rollins runs the ropes and nails another suicide dive.


Rollins brings it back into the ring and hits a Blockbuster. Joe goes back to the floor and Rollins nails a third dive. Rollins rolls Joe back in. Rollins springboards in from the apron and nails a flying clothesline for another close pin attempt. Joe with an elbow to the face. They trade holds. Rollins hits a Falcon Arrow for a close 2 count. Rollins ends up going to the top but the lights go out for Bray Wyatt. The lights come back on but there's no Wyatt. Joe takes advantage and drops Rollins into the Coquina Clutch. Rollins taps out to end it.

Winner: Samoa Joe

- After the match, Joe stares at Rollins before getting to his feet. Joe stands tall with the title as Cole hypes Brock Lesnar's return next week. A referee checks on Rollins as Joe looks down and smirks. RAW goes off the air.