WWE Money In The Bank: Randy Orton Vs. Jinder Mahal (WWE Title Match)

WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal

We go to ringside and Hamilton introduces the St. Louis Legends in the front row - Greg Gagne, Larry Hennig, Baron Von Raschke, Sgt. Slaughter, Bob Orton and Ric Flair. JBL gives a shout-out to Harley Race, who couldn't be here due to his recent fall at home. The Singh Brothers are out next to introduce the WWE Champion. Jinder Mahal makes his way out. Randy Orton is out next to a big hometown pop.

We get formal ring introductions from Hamilton. Orton takes control early on and unloads but Jinder avoids the RKO. Jinder regroups with The Singh Brothers at ringside. Jinder comes in but Orton tackles him and unloads with strikes. Orton drops Jinder over the top rope and starts stomping. Orton keeps control and sends Jinder to the floor, following up with a clothesline.

Orton stares at The Singh Brothers and they scatter. Fans chant for Orton as he slams Jinder's face into the announce table. Orton brings it back into the ring and catches Jinder for the draping DDT but The Singh Brothers distract from the apron, allowing Jinder to send Orton over the top to the floor. Jinder follows and targets the knee. Jinder works Orton over and breaks the count. Orton fights back. Jinder whips Orton shoulder-first into the steel steps.

They end up back in the ring with Jinder taking Orton to the corner. The referee counts and warns Jinder as he keeps control. Orton goes back out in front of the Legends. Jinder follows and they trade shots. Orton slams Jinder on top of the barrier and he falls on the Legends. Orton brings Jinder back over and sends him into the announce table but Jinder blocks it. Jinder turns it around and slams Orton's knee into the announce table. They come back in and Jinder keeps Orton grounded, working on the knee. Orton fights up and looks to take back control. Orton with a fall-away slam.

Orton follows to the floor but Jinder kicks him. Jinder slams Orton's knee into the top of the barrier. Jinder stands tall but fans boo. Jinder rolls Orton back into the ring but shows off instead of covering him. Jinder blocks a RKO and drops Orton with a kick. Jinder with a 2 count and more offense to the knee. Jinder with a submission now. Jinder keeps control and applies a Figure Four as Flair looks on. Orton finally turns the Figure Four before it's broken. Jinder keeps up the attack and works Orton around the ring. Jinder goes for another Figure Four but Orton resists. Orton tries to come back but Jinder clotheslines him.

Jinder takes Orton to the top and climbs up for a superplex. Orton fights back and headbutts him to the mat. Orton brings Jinder to the top now. Orton with the superplex for a 2 count. They get back to their feet and trade shots. Orton with a big uppercut. Jinder fires back as the crowd goes along with them. Orton drops Jinder with a big clothesline. Orton rallies and catches Jinder with the powerslam. Orton with the second rope draping DDT now. Orton stands tall and gets a pop. Orton readies for the RKO and nails it. One of The Singh Brothers place Jinder's foot on the ropes to break the pin. Fans boo. Orton tells the referee what happened. They have words. The referee sends The Singh Brothers to the back.

The Singh Brothers stop and stare the Legends down and get mocked. They stop and talk before turning back to the Legends. Both brothers go over and talk trash to the Legends now. They grab Orton's dad as fans boo. Orton makes the save and nails them both. Orton sends one into the ring post and uppercuts the other. Orton tosses one brother into the timekeeper's area and slams the other on top of the barrier. Orton drags Singh over and drives him into the top of the announce table. Orton grabs the Samir and takes apart one of the other announce tables. Orton grabs Sunil and works him over, placing him on top of the table. Orton with a big RKO on the floor to Samir. Orton climbs on top of one announce table. He runs over to the other announce table as Sunil stands up on it and puts him through it with the RKO for a big pop.

Orton returns to the ring but Jinder nails him and hits the Khallas for the pin.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

After the match, Jinder takes the WWE Title and poses in the corner as the referee checks on Orton. The referee raises Jinder's arm as a disappointed crowd looks on. We go to replays. Orton recovers on the mat as Jinder stands tall with the title on the ramp.

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